What are Free Spins?

If you play at online casinos regularly or often, you will come across different types of rewards or bonuses. If you are a regular online gambler, you’ve likely encountered casino sites giving out Free Spins to players. This is one of the major promotional tools and entertainment factors used by online casinos. But how exactly do they work? 

Free spins can be used on slot games, which are the spinning reels. These bonuses are given by an online casino to enable players to try to win some money without risking their own. Free spins may vary on how they work from one online casino site to another, but they all have the same principle. When you look out for free spin offers, you can use them to boost your online gambling. 

If you are new to the world of online gambling and want to learn more about free spins, read on as we’re giving you more information on what it is and how it works. 

What are Free Spins in Online Casinos?

Free spins are bonuses given by online casinos that you can use on slot games without betting any of your real money on the outcome. It means that you can win money on these, but you cannot lose, making it very appealing to many gamblers, whether professional or beginner. 

There are two types of free spins. One is offered as casino bonuses, and the other is offered as in-game bonuses. In-game free spins are usually won as a prize, which is in the form of a bonus round. To trigger such a feature, players may need to land 3 or more scatters on the reels, or it can also be rewarded to them in other ways. Either way, these free spins are played out in the middle of the slot game. The number of spins you receive depends on the number of scatters you locate. But can also be possible that the number of spins is given at random. In addition, most free spin bonuses in-game come with other goodies, like special wilds and multipliers. 

The other type of free spins you can encounter are those from the online casino itself. They often come in the form of no deposit bonuses, which are handed freely to players without requiring any deposit. These free spins are commonly valid on specific slots only. You can use these spins to win real money and may form a part of a loyalty bonus program or a part of a larger welcome bonus package for new players. 

Is It Possible to Win Real Money with Free Spins?

Free spins can at all times be used to win real money irrespective of what type of free spins bonus you receive, whether in-game or as a no deposit bonus. However, the amount of real money you can win depends on the spins. Most of the time, no deposit free spins have a fixed cap or limit on how much you can win. Free spins won via a slot machine, on the other hand, generally have no such limits. It means that the amount of real money you can win depends on the amount you have wagered. 

man playing on a slot machine

Wagering Requirements for Free Spins

Like other bonuses that are given by online casinos, there are also wagering requirements that come with free spins. There are no betting requirements on free spins you get while playing a slot and only on the no deposit free spins. In other bonuses, to fulfill the wagering requirements, a typical match deposit cash bonus requires you to wager the bonus amount a certain number of times. But with free spin bonuses, the wagering requirements are often the total amount you’ve won from the spin rather than the value of the spins themselves. 

With this, the wagering requirements for free spin bonuses are far smaller compared to other bonuses. You can expect to find wagering requirements of 5x up to 15x with free spins, but not more than 20x the total amount you’ve won. Keep in mind that you need to fulfill all the wagering requirements of the online casino before you can withdraw any money you win with no deposit free spins. 

Your winnings from free spins in slots, on the other hand, are yours to keep with no questions asked, provided you are not playing with other bonus money that comes with wagering requirements. 

How Can You Get Free Spins?

There are different ways on how you can get free spins in an online casino. The easiest way to get free spins is through a welcome bonus. A lot of online casinos offer free spins instead of a standard cash match bonus. However, free spins from promotions like this usually have some kind of limitation, like when you receive bonus money.

When you receive free spins, ensure that you check the terms. For instance, you receive 200 free spins from an online casino. However, regardless of how much you win using those free spins, you can only withdraw a certain amount of money. This can also be the same with non-welcome bonuses. Therefore, it’s important to check the terms of offers. 

You can also look out for no deposit spin offers, which is the other type of free spins we’ve mentioned earlier. This can be rare but are helpful in letting players try to get something from nothing. In addition, it also enables you to be familiar with the online casino’s offerings with no deposit needed. 


Free spins are used by almost every online casino out there as a reward to attract new players. But when you play, do not be dazzled by the promise of getting hundreds of free spins, as most of them come with many terms and conditions. Try to consider which offer will work out best for you. Always ensure that you can play safe, get a good deal, and have fun. We hope this article helped you in learning more about free spins.