Exemplifying Proactivity

The past year and a half have not been very fun, have they? The economy took a nosedive well before the Covid 19 outbreak, and that certainly did no favors. Add to this the fact that in places like the United States, medicine has not always been the most readily-available thing, on a per-case basis. So, we have to wonder exactly what’s to come of everything with this pandemic. Well, I’m certainly not psychic, but I can help reassure you that there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

The length of that tunnel is predicated entirely upon how responsibly everyone behaves moving forward, and how much we are all willing to be patient as we should. A vaccine has been invented, and once it is readily available throughout the developed world, this virus will be stamped out surprisingly quickly. However, quickly is a relative term, and this is, again, predicated upon everybody behaving themselves.

Vaccines are Safe!

First and foremost, the irrational fear of vaccines just needs to stop. Everybody needs to be willing to subject themselves to inoculations, as they are the only safe way that the average human body can be insured to be defended against attacks from viruses and many bacteria.

The fear of harmful substances being ingredients in vaccines is unfounded, and any claims that it can cause certain neurological defects in children are absolutely absurd. Those neurological defects cannot be contracted after birth, and are present in the DNA of the children in question. Everyone must be willing to accept this vaccine, so that the extinction of this virus can be achieved!

Remaining responsible while we wait this out…

On top of being willing to accept the vaccine, we all need to be willing to continue practicing safe behavior. Stay home unless you have a reason to be out, first of all. The less contact we all have with each other, the less room this virus as to mutate, and the less chance we have of spreading at someone to whom it could be actually fatal.

I don’t like masks either, they’re pretty miserable. But, if paramedics, surgeons and various forms of manufacturing and engineering can have these masks on for hours of time, we can wear them long enough to go to the bank or do our grocery shopping. Seriously, it might be on pleasant, it might be inconvenient, but we’re not being asked a lot as a society to just be safe.

Also, “wash your darn hands” should not be groundbreaking news anywhere in the world in the year 2021.

Canada paves the way…

In Canada, this vaccine is being purchased in large amounts, and a lot of infrastructures being diverted to the mass-production of it. While this doesn’t help us in America, it sets a good precedent that hopefully the new administration in the United States will also take a page from. Hopefully, the vaccine being made mandatory and available at no cost to individuals will be something that will be put into place within the next few months in the United States. It is proving extremely effective in Canada, and yet again, they’re showing us up a little bit in how well together they have their health system!

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