Learn More about Anastasia Prikhodko

Anastasia Prikhodko

Anastasia Kostyantynivna Prikhodko, popularly known as Anastasia Prikhodko, is a Ukrainian activist, politician, and former singer-songwriter. In Ukraine and Russia, she is known for her deep contralto singing voice and a blend of pop and folk-rock music. She became famous after winning series seven of the Russian music competition FabrikaZvyozd (literally Star Factory). Prikhodko was a major figure … Read more Learn More about Anastasia Prikhodko

Rzhevsky Versus Napoleon – Comedy Flick


Life’s struggle is never-ending, which is everyone needs a good laugh every now and then and in one way or another. With that, it’s no wonder that comedy films have become vital in the entertainment industry, making us smile and giving us a moment of relaxation through hilarious antics, plots, situations, and characters. Comedy flicks … Read more Rzhevsky Versus Napoleon – Comedy Flick

Area Codes for Phones in Ukraine

Area Codes for Phones in Ukraine

If you have family, friends, or people to call in Ukraine, you must be aware of their dialing codes. You can call someone in Ukraine using international phone cards. To familiarize yourself with area codes for Ukrainian phones, here’s a guide. Ukraine Area Codes These are the phone codes you need to dial for contacting … Read more Area Codes for Phones in Ukraine

Top Ukrainian Resorts

A beach resort in Odessa, Ukraine

Ukraine is a large European country, and it offers many tourist attractions. It has a rich culture and an extensive selection of centuries-old architecture. From the cobblestone streets of old city centers to the rolling countryside, Ukraine’s people are just as diverse as its landscape. Ukrainians are some of the most hospitable people in Europe. … Read more Top Ukrainian Resorts

Who is Olesya Zheleznyak?

Olesya Zheleznyak

Olesya Zheleznyak is a Russian film and theater actress, and TV presenter. She is widely known for the different remarkable roles she had played throughout her prosperous career in the entertainment industry. While notable for her comedic antics, she also played deeper and serious roles that proved her prowess and versatility as an actress. Early … Read more Who is Olesya Zheleznyak?

Guide to the Types of Boats You Can Rent


Are you planning for a vacation up the coast? Does spending a day on a boat amidst the sunny skies and relaxing waves entices you? This is the perfect guide for you to get the most out of your boating experience. Getting off the highway and going out onto the water provide a unique sense … Read more Guide to the Types of Boats You Can Rent

The History of the UTEP Miners Basketball Team

The History of the UTEP Miners Basketball Team

From its humble beginning in a location adjacent to Fort Bliss to its current location at Franklin’s Mountain foothills, the University of Texas at El Paso faced various challenges before establishing itself as one of the prime universities in the country. The institution earned herculean feats not only from an academic standpoint but also in … Read more The History of the UTEP Miners Basketball Team