What Is The Best Way To Prepare For CLAT 2021?

CLAT is the mandatory exam that a candidate needs to pass to get admission to law colleges. As it is a national level exam, it is necessary to score well. This requires a practical and rational exam preparation strategy. It is essential to understand that CLAT preparation needs commitment. Your discipline to stick with the strategy will pay you rewards for sure. This article will help all candidates to get a fair knowledge on how to prepare for CLAT 2021.

Syllabus ForCLAT 2021 Exam

The preparation for the CLAT examination starts with getting a thorough understanding of the exam syllabus. It serves as a blueprint and guides your preparation. The questions in the exam are mainly asked on five topics.

1. English

  • Comprehension passages,
  • Grammar,
  • Sentence construction: incorrect/correct sentences
  • word meanings,
  • active/passive voice

2. Mathematics

  • Algebra,
  • Mensuration
  • average,
  • profit and loss,
  • speed and distance,
  • permutation-combination
  • Venn diagrams,
  • time and work,
  • statistical estimation,

3. Knowledge And Current Affairs

  • Static general knowledge that includes geography, Politics, History, Environment, etc.
  • Current Affairs: awards and honors, things of international and national significance, new appointments, sports, etc.

4. Logical Reasoning

  • Logical skills
  • Analytical reasoning skills

5. Legal Aptitude

  • Study of law,
  • Important court decisions
  • Problem-solving ability,
  • Research aptitude,
  • Questions based on hypothetical situations,

General Guidelines For CLAT 2021 Preparation

Understand The Marking Scheme:

It will help you know which are high scoring topics so that you can focus more on them. It will help you fetch more marks and eventually qualify for the exam. For every wrong answer, there will be a deduction of 0.25 marks. So, don’t make any assumptions.

Practice, Practice, And Practice:

There is no shortcut to practice. Once you have got the fundamentals clear and gone through the chapter, you should solve its practice test to reinforce the concept. It will improve your conceptual knowledge and help you attempt the question in a specified duration. Learn the principles and practice applying them correctly to a given legal case scenario.

PracticeMock Tests

This is the oldest and the most effective way to improve your preparation. Several educational sites provide free mock tests, last year’s model question papers, General Awareness Quiz, etc., to boost your preparation. It gives you the type of questions asked in the exam and helps you stay confident and calm on the examination day.

InvestIn Reliable And Good Study Material

The right study material holds immense importance in qualifying for the CLAT exam. So, you should find out which are the best books for different topics. With digitalization, you can get books in both hard copy and soft copy (e-book) formats.

Get Coaching

Experts advise candidates to get Clat Best Coaching to enhance your chances of qualifying for the exam. This coaching will help you in the following ways:

  • Regular testing and analysis
  • LIVE interaction learning and problem-solving sessions
  • Statistical performance analysis
  • Periodic quizzes
  • Model solutions for the past few year’s question papers.
  • Interview Preparation Sessions.
  • Provides AIR (All India Rankings) for All Tests.