What are the Advantages of International Transport

What are the advantages of international transport and how can you take advantage of it? This is what today’s article is about in which we are going to tell you how to make a logistics strategy based on the importance of using suppliers, shipments and deals through international transport.

How to Take Advantage of International Transport in the Logistics Sector?

Within the possibilities offered by logistics, international transport is one of the most used ways to carry out all kinds of commercial operations, especially between markets as far away as Asia and Europe, Africa and the American continent, or a combination of the above.

International transport represents an opportunity for companies, but what exactly does it consist of?

International transport is the customs transit operation through which the transport of goods or people between different countries is carried out. In other words, international transport is the form of transfer carried out between remote places, distant countries and whose cargo, materials and products transported are subject to legal and control activities such as customs activity.

The supply chain requires international transport as it is a fundamental part of the international logistics chain. The importance of delivery at the agreed time and place falls on international transport, in addition to meeting other conditions such as precision, reliability of delivery, efficiency and flexibility in the event of any last minute changes you must see เช็คพัสดุ.

What are the Figures that Influence International Transport?

International transport consists of a composition of different processes and logistics flows, from storage, the requirement of shipments and payments, customer service, order management, to requesting products to the factory. In order to carry out all these processes, the participation of several figures is necessary, among which the following are distinguished:

  • Exporter or seller.
  • Buyer or importer.

What are the Functions of International Transport?

Freight transportation helps meet operational flows within the international supply chain. In addition, it fulfills the following functions:

Functions of a Geographical and Ecological Nature

Man has largely evolved thanks to the advancement of different forms of transport. The wheel has made it possible to move between different communities to advance to transport with machines in the industrial revolution. Centuries later came trucks, gas ships, cruise ships, airplanes and different forms of transport that helped in the evolution of the human being until reaching the present day.

Political and Geostrategic Functions

Access to markets that are difficult to reach allows for ease of relationships between remote populations. In some cases, the political role of international transport allows important agreements not only for companies and manufacturers, but of vital importance for the population. For example, in war situations, in natural disasters such as fires, tsunamis and earthquakes, international transport plays a fundamental role in connecting dispersed population centers.

Economic Activities

The economic distribution between different parties is possible thanks to the distribution between the producers, the manufacturers, the suppliers and all the parties involved. This distribution allows all the parties that operate with each other to gain by transporting said goods.

Finally, it also performs social, recreational and fun functions for society. For example, transportation facilitates the arrival of leisure items such as toys, electronic devices that improve the quality of life of users and the population. Likewise, Kerry express facilitates communication between different societies, population centers by improving interpersonal relationships.

What are the Advantages of International Transport?

International transport represents an advantage and an advance in many aspects for society since it increases not only economic and social development, but also political and cultural development. However, the benefits of transport between such remote regions also have a very important impact on companies.

Better Access for E-Commerce

International transport, logistics and electronic commerce are the perfect trio when it comes to achieving a strategic growth plan in a company. A company that needs to operate with suppliers that offer better prices and offers of products from emerging markets facilitates a better economic bottom line. And it is that thanks to the option that we give to the consumer thanks to e-commerce, the number of orders increases, with what this entails in the income statement.

International transport facilitates the flow of operations of both shipments and returns, although as a general rule, returns represent a small percentage compared to shipments, it is a good solution to have a logistics partner capable of operating globally through any kind of transport (maritime, merchandise, road, etc.).

International transportation sometimes encompasses different kinds of transportation and is also known as intermodal transportation. It is the transport that combines various forms of movement of goods, facilitating the modes of transport and improving the final price. For example, when combining a cheaper transport (road) in a destination represents a discount in the final budget.


Nowadays, thanks to solutions such as the traceability of products, it is rare that they are lost, misplaced or arrive late. The security of the transported goods is increased by reducing the travel time; in addition, customs controls between countries reinforce the security of operations.

Red tape is less than you Expect

Compared to other forms of transport, such as air, international transport, especially if it is maritime, requires quite simple models that are usually covered by the logistics partner, which reduces the delivery times of the documentation.

The cost is lower, especially in wholesale products. By being able to place large orders, costs are reduced so they are lower.

Great Reach and Coverage

One of the best advantages of international transport is that it reaches everywhere. Few countries and places are left off the trade routes.

Opening of New Markets and Businesses

Reaching emerging countries that offer better prices and economic conditions thanks to the lower wages of the country’s workers allows operating with suppliers in the area and obtaining new markets, for example, for non-traditional exports. Although you can also get a better position for products thanks to access to cheaper and more competitive products.

Greater Comfort for the Customer and Consumer

He thinks that users want to reduce red tape and access the product they want in an easy, fast and simple way. In other words, they seek the convenience of doing everything in a single operation and with a single company that manages the entire business process.

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