Avoiding Common Mistakes When Hiring a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Are you seeking Social Security disability benefits? In this case, finding the right lawyer is essential to winning your case. However, hiring a disability lawyer can be overwhelming with the sheer amount of options available to choose from. After all, hiring the wrong attorney may mean facing several issues in the form of time, money, and even losing your premeditated disability benefits. To save you from potential strife, let’s explore together the common mistakes that applicants make when deciding who to hire as a Social Security disability lawyer in Sacramento and how exactly one can dodge them.

Common Mistakes When Hiring a Social Security Disability Lawyer

A. Choosing an inexperienced lawyer

When hiring a social security disability lawyer in Sacramento, inexperience can be a costly mistake. With its high complexity, navigating the disability claims process requires ample knowledge and experience of the subject matter at hand. Ensure your future lawyer is someone with an impressive resume full of experience promoting successful outcomes in disability cases in your location. Research their track record before selecting to ensure they possess the expertise and skills necessary for achieving your desired results. Don’t take the risk – ensure you have picked the right fit for your needs.

B. Not researching the lawyer’s track record

Doing your research before hiring a disability lawyer is essential – you need to be sure they’ve got the qualifications and track record necessary to fight your case. Obtain reviews and testimonials from past clients that demonstrate their level of success in this particular field so you know what to expect realistically going into the attorney-client relationship. Ultimately, being picky pays off; you want to find a highly successful professional in winning disability cases.

C. Failing to ask questions during the initial consultation

At the initial meeting with a disability lawyer, you must take some time to ask thoughtfully about the lawyer’s experience and success rate. Dive more deeply: ask about how comfortable you will feel conversing with them and their process for handling your disability case. Without honest communication between both parties, misunderstandings and unclear directions can lead to serious problems further down the line. Don’t neglect to ask the critical probing questions that need answering during this consultation -failing to do so could cost you dearly later on.

D. Choosing a lawyer based solely on cost

It is a common mistake to base the decision of which Social Security disability lawyer to choose based simply on cost. Cost-saving should be taken into account, of course; however, it should not be the singular factor. Instead, the primary focus should be placed upon experience and knowledge within this field. An attorney who exhibits these qualities will give one the best chance of success when fighting their case. Ultimately, you should select a lawyer with the necessary proficiency, skillset, and an appropriate price range.

E. Hiring a lawyer without checking references

Choosing the right disability lawyer will make a significant difference in your case. To ensure you’re making the right decision, check your potential lawyer’s references before committing. Request at least three references from current and former satisfied clients. Once you collect these references, contact each one to assess their communication practices and the likelihood of successful outcomes. This critical step may be the deciding factor between a positive outcome and frustrating experiences with disability law.

How to Avoid These Mistakes

To protect yourself against potential mistakes during your disability case in Sacramento, you must start by doing some research. Look for a disability lawyer in Sacramento who is experienced in disability cases and is successful in their track record of results. Ask questions during the initial consultation, ask as many questions as you feel are relevant to do with the lawyer’s experience, success rate and communication style. Far from simply making a decision based on cost-effectiveness alone, be sure to double-check and even investigate references before deciding they are a good fit for representing your case. Taking that extra step can go a considerable distance to preventing unfortunate circumstances further down the line.


The right Social Security disability lawyer can make a massive impact on your case. Don’t take a chance by settling for just any lawyer – seek out one with a track record of success, not only in seeing cases through but also in convincing those in the position to approve them. Skipping essential steps and cautionary mistakes can have dramatically negative results when it comes to being approved for disability benefits, so doing research is critical. Find someone who has the experience and knowledge needed to give you the best shot possible. Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve! Choose wisely and make sure your disability benefits aren’t needlessly put at risk.

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