Yacht Charter Trips: Know the Top Destinations to Visit

Want to take a break from the daily routine to get relaxed? Go for a yacht trip. A trip amid the oceans with your loved ones will make you rejuvenated for sure. A Yacht Charter is available just at the cost of a cruise and the companies offering this joyous experience thrive to make it a memorable one for its customers.

People often get perplexed when it comes down to selecting the location for the yacht trip. There are too many locations to select from and believe us, most of them have the natural beauty that will mesmerize you completely.

Read on to know the popular destinations for yacht trips and pick a suitable one for your trip.


Fiji islands are one of the most famous destinations for Yacht Trips. Fiji is the host to more than 300 islands and such an experience amidst the sea is surely going to thrill you. Moreover, when you visit the Fiji islands, you will not face a language barrier as English is a widely spoken language here.

Yasawa Islands, as well as Mamanuca Islands, are both widely recognized. While the former is famous for experiencing the conventional Fiji lifestyle, the latter is renowned for coral reefs and palm trees.

Croatian Islands

Croatian Islands give you peace and a sense of calmness. The islands are easily approachable from the Dalmatian Coast. If you are having a private yacht charter, it will be easier for you to reach there. Crystal clear water over here will surely mesmerize you. One popular place to visit is Lastovo, widely recognized for its translucent skies. Imagine a night amidst the sea spent gazing at the sky, it will be totally wonderful!


Thailand is a perfect destination for sailors. It has everything to attract you, ranging from beaches, palm trees to beautiful transparent seas. Looking for enthralling flora and fauna, head over to Phuket and escape from the hustling life! The locals give a warm welcome to every traveller. There is no dearth of places to taste authentic food, you will get a number of places where you can have your taste buds satiated for the Thai food.

French Riviera

White-sand beaches, as well as Seaside villages, can be viewed through the coastal lines of the Mediterranean. The nightlife there is popular and people from different places across the globe visit this place often and want to live there to have a once in a lifetime experience. To avoid the crowd, head over to Port Cros which is a place full of palm trees.


The Galápagos Islands are one of the oldest islands situated in the Pacific Ocean. It is composed of 13 islands. There are more than 40 islets as well. If you are lucky enough, you can get a chance to witness Sea Lion in Fernandina. If you want to observe the aquatic creatures and track their activities, move to Darwin Islands. The islands are highly protected and hence, not many travellers are allowed. The routes are monitored by the government so visitors can’t draft their trip on their own.


Comprising more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia is a host to some of the most elegant landscapes. The most famous islands are Bali, Sumba as well as Java. The surroundings are amazing and one can experience eternal joy seeing nature. The underwater life is magnificent, sea animals frequently come to the top of the sea making it a fascinating experience for the visitors. There is a charming and contemporary national park situated in Northern Bali, a place that is less frequently visited. On the other hand, Suma is a popular destination for surfing.


Florida is a historic destination when it comes down to yacht trips. There is Palm Beach where sailors thrive to live their life by visiting either the unbounded Arctic Ocean or in the vicinity (between the city and the islands). The members-only club provides some of the most luxurious facilities, including a top-notch Golf Club. Moreover, don’t forget to visit Worth Avenue if you are a shopping enthusiast.


Norway is indeed one of the most beautiful destinations you will ever see. The city of Oslo consists of more than 40 islands, some of which are unpopulated. There are plenty of waterfalls and hiking destinations you’ll encounter if you are moving near the shores. If you are looking to explore valleys, travel to the port city of Bergen which is also acknowledged by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Ready to Sail in the Seas?

You can find adventure carribean yacht charters that provides at an affordable cost. They craft the trip keeping the needs of the visitors in mind. Just have a look across the different destinations it offers, select the place that you want to visit and book your yacht today to have a mesmerizing trip into the oceans!