Profitable Software for Business Processes is the Way to Development

Each modern company has to meet the customer’s needs and constantly develop by offering clients high-level products and services. Of course, this task can’t be performed without the required software products that help save money, and time, improve sales, and create a positive image among potential and actual clients. While it would seem more straightforward and less costly just to hire an IT staff, many businesses still go for IT Support to enhance their IT performance even further. There’s a special TemaBit Company that offers unique solutions and greatly emphasizes the websites and apps development, the same as BPM solutions. It’s recommended to visit the resource and find detailed information about its possibilities. It’s worth noting that there are special digital solutions nowadays that enhance sales. Let’s get acquainted with some of them.


The opportunities and expectations of consumers are constantly growing today and the range of goods offered by retail stores must always remain relevant and attractive to customers. There is special Palette software that helps the retailers achieve this goal. It will optimally group retail chains by attribute and match products for each group to maximize sales and profits.

Retailers constantly select a range of products, agreeing on procurement estimates and assortment plans for each outlet due to limited financial and retail space. Reliable tools are needed to strike a balance in this process. The mentioned platform is perceived as a new-generation analytical software that will quickly form the optimal group of stores in the retail chain and accelerate the planning process. The application itself is built based on special technologies, which combine information about customer actions, sales, and stocks.

Palette Key Features

  • It’s useful for retail store data analysis.
  • It brings the opportunity to predict the customer’s behavior.
  • The solution is useful for assortment planning, sales, and purchases by groups of goods and groups of stores of the distribution network.
  • The software brings the ability to balance the breadth and goods completeness while planning.
  • There’s a simplified planning of new products assortment with temporary records of the products.
  • It helps make the business smarter and more profitable.

I can be existing starting a new business! You might be doing a remodel on a warehouse, setting up office space and more!

Self-Checkout Solutions

The self-checkout system reduces queues and increases the throughput of the checkout area, thereby cutting the shopping line down. Moreover, 3-4 automatic units can easily replace one traditional cash register. It also helps spend less money and make the profits soar. Self-service checkout increases the average check as good advertising is unobtrusive and useful. It can display relevant ads right on the screen by choosing a zone that is guaranteed to attract the client’s attention. It also can offer up-to-date promotions and discounts by analyzing the list of goods selected by the buyer. Furthermore, automated technology is never mistaken, unlike a live cashier. The implemented software helps think over and competently implement all the necessary processes in order to evoke only positive buyer’s emotions.

As a result, the number of related purchases is growing. When shopping at a regular checkout, many people are cautious about picking up fewer products than they could afford. There is no such problem with self-checkout devices. A person simply puts aside goods that do not fit in, so he/she feels calmer and collects more potential purchases.


None of the market players have any doubts about the fact that high-quality automation can provide a retailer with real competitive advantages, additional income, and cost reduction not only in the long term but also in the medium and even short term. The role of the development of automation among retailers does not decrease during crises and periods of economic stagnation but on the contrary, there is an additional incentive for its development.

Most large and medium-sized companies today already have a number of key business processes that are mandatory for automation and primarily include:

  • Accounting and distribution of goods.
  • Sales processes.
  • Management
  • Warehouse logistics management processes.
  • Financial and analytical reporting.

Modern retailers have customer relationship management systems, visitor counting systems, and internal systems that increase the operational efficiency of retailers (which, in particular, include document management, service management, and HR systems). All of them are the norm and do not look like some kind of innovation. The FZMobile solution can be perceived as unique and indispensable software that automates nearly 90% of business processes. This all-in-one product can check prices, perform inventory management, control the residual stock, and print the label, etc. It’s really profitable as it eliminates human error and creates conditions for labor costs reduction.

Loyalty App

When the client joins the loyalty program, he/she gets a plastic card from the store. The further fate of the card is unpredictable. The customer can send the card to a wallet to 23 other discount cards. Long searches for a card at the checkout will annoy the client himself/herself and other people in the queue. There’s one more scenario: the client will hide the card in a desk drawer, where it will disappear without a trace, or just send it to the trash can. The loyalty app makes it hard to lose the card of the store, as it’s always with him/her due to the smartphone. The digitized loyalty card service is integrated with the company’s CRM system. Such a solution is profitable for both: customers and the businesses. The client receives a service for convenient shopping – a card and a personal account of a loyalty program participant on his/her smartphone. The business gets a tool for unambiguous and secure identification of a buyer at the checkout.

Moreover, the loyalty app is made due to trusted technologies and helps increase sales. Everything is made according to the client’s desire. The software itself is an implementation of modern points of view on the market and customer care.

The abovementioned company also offers the Supplier Portal, BitPOS, and BIT Scales. It’s recommended to analyze all the available modern products and get the consultation to analyze everything and choose a decent solution for the business. All the programs and apps discussed above are created by professionals, so it’s a safe bet that they perform their direct tasks in a quality manner.