Netflix Unveils a set of Amazing Trailers for its slate of New Movies

Let’s face it, when movie season begins and the new trailers are released, it’s one of those heart-palpating moments that leave audiences with much anticipation. Netflix is about to showcase its amazing new movie releases and no doubt, you won’t be able to contain yourself. The over-the-top media service and original programming production company prides itself on distributing newly released movies and TV shows that are guaranteed to wow you, leave you with a feeling of wanting more, and definitely a sign-up for their subscription.

Netflix is in the streaming business to make money. The instant the company giant’s business model became a reality–a subscription-based one–they have been nonstop successful in revenue earnings, which allows them the funding to pay for new movies releases and overall movie projects. Oftentimes, the films that don’t make it to the big screen due to budget and production woes end up being released by Netflix, and this is one of their major income sources, in addition to releasing high-grossing films that have already graced large movie theatres.

How Does Netflix Acquire the Latest Movie Trailers?

It’s important to note that Netflix movies don’t hang around in movie theaters for longer than necessary, nor do they generate revenue from box office sales. Instead, Netflix offers their audience three different subscription plans to choose from, which include Basic, Standard, and Premium. The latter two are obviously the more expensive plans, mainly because they allow streaming and downloading on your different mobile devices.

Latest movie trailers released by Netflix are typically used (at first) by the Basic subscribers, as this gives this population a chance to save money, knowing they can only stream on one screen versus multiple, and your only option to download videos is on either one tablet or one phone. The flipside of this is the next level subscription–Standard–which gives you the opportunity to double both the number of screens and mobile devices you can stream on, while also enhancing the quality of the high definition density. The Premium plan, on the other hand, allows you the option to go Full HD and Ultra HD, while also being able to download and watch on multiple devices.

But Netflix continues to raise their prices for subscription users, as the company has to continually pay licensing fees to movie production companies that have already released their films. Even though Netflix rakes in over a billion dollars annually from their streaming services, price increases are in accordance with the worldwide economic status, and the indefinite time frame with which other film studios release their movies. These films don’t exactly stay on Netflix with a time frame.

The originals by Netflix are an entirely different animal. Due to the licensing issues that the company developed on their own, they ended up creating a Netflix studio to be able to release movies that never make it to the big screen. Other production giants such as Warner Brothers, Disney Studios, and NBC chose to launch their own streaming services, therefore taking back the films they had distributed to Netflix. It is for this reason that Netflix made the decision to begin producing some of the most original and amazing content.

It’s the pay structure alone that began to turn the heads of larger movie production companies. How do they accomplish this and does it earn the company money? Let’s take a look:

  • Producers are paid the full cost of production.
  • Actors, Screenwriters, Cinematographers are paid upfront.
  • Netflix never sells user information.
  • They don’t show ads on their site or any of their platforms.
  • No brands or product placements are added into their movies.
  • Netflix works with companies who want to use their names in campaigns.

The creative freedom that directors and movie producers feel by working with Netflix means the company doesn’t have access to change scripts or cater to advertisers and brands. By not accepting money for product placement, the fans of Netflix continue to upgrade their subscriptions, which ultimately places larger chunks of revenue in Netflix’s pocket.

When Does Netflix Release New Movie Trailers?

According to TechRadar all new and original Netflix trailers get confirmed and released ahead of the actual movie roster, and this is a bold and rare move by the major streaming company giant. Every year, the list grows of these Netflix Originals, and they want to make certain that you as a subscriber are well-versed in what’s coming up and how to get on board with the best screening plan options. When you’re ready to view a star-studded lineup and attraction, look no further than Netflix.

The company tweets about their new releases and provides a short glimpse of upcoming films or television shows. In doing so, Netflix keeps one step ahead of big box movies and the theaters vying for first-time screenings. Since most of society prefers mobile devices and how easily they are accessed, Netflix has tapped into a streaming market that no one can touch.

Wrapping Up

New Netflix movies are highly anticipated, as the amount of subscribers to the company’s three plans have increased over the years. Because more of the current population tends to work from home, why not watch movies from home or from your mobile device as well? Netflix has earned billions of dollars by cornering the movie market with Originals and tried and true films that are equally as popular on the big screen as they are on your television set. For your viewing pleasure, nothing beats the amazing new trailers from Netflix, which are unveiled as we speak.