All you need to know about Poker Hierarchy

As you already know that poker is a game of cards and requires your sheer luck for winning the game. With being lucky you also need to work smartly by having the cards arranged in proper order to win the game with ease. By practicing every day you will know all the rankings of the card and you will win like magic.

If you are a poker lover trying to get your hands on the cards, then stop worrying about it. Here is the article that will help you through the poker hierarchy and you will master the game.

Poker hands Hierarchy

Out of the 52 cards what pairs you make, makes the difference. Here you will see the order of the cards that makes a highest-ranking pair for winning.

1. Straight Flush

Straight Flush is a card that can not be beaten by any single pairs of cards. For a Straight Flush, you must require the same numbered sequence of cards that must belong to the same suit.

2. Royal Flush

Royal Flush is the very highest winning poker hands. This pair of cards contains an ace, king, queen, jack, and 10. These cards need to belong to the same suit.

3. Four of a kind

This happens when all of your four cards out of the 5 have similar ranking but a different suit. Like, it could be 4 of jacks or 4 of 5’s or else anything. The remaining 5th card is called the kicker card.

4. Full House

A Full House comes when you are having 3 cards of a similar ranking and 2 cards of another ranking. The dealer takes such cards under consideration and evaluates your cards. Take a sample as, six of diamond, six of spade, six of hearts, 8 of clubs, and 8 of hearts, can be considered.

5. Flush

The Flush occurs when all of your cards belong to a similar suit, even if they have uncommon rankings. Such pairs of cards are taken under consideration by the dealer.

6. Straight

You hold a Straight when all of your cards belong to similar rankings. This somewhat sounds similar to flush with a little change.

7. 3 of a kind

In 3 of a kind, all the 3 cards have a similar ranking but with different suits. About the remaining 2, those matters when it’s 3 of a kind between you and another player, the 2 of the highest-ranking card wins the game.

8. 2 pairs

This happens when you have 2 cards similar in ranking and also another pair of 2 cards that are similar in ranking. This is when you said to have 2 pairs.

9. Pair

2 cards of the same ranking are said to be a pair.


Poker being a game of cards these were the rankings and suits of your cards that you needed to be careful about. Friends, though it must require a luck factor, this information is also necessary to know. Now, I think that I have made everything clear with what you should about the poker hierarchy. I think this article will contribute a little to your victory.