6 Reasons why an applicant get denied for an L1 visa

It is hard news to accept when your request gets denied. In that case, we provide some reasons that can affect your application. This article is about the reason why an applicant gets denied an L1 visa. Yes, we make an article for this kind of endorsement. As you know, many employees want to deploy in an American company that associates with the foreign corporation that they are working with.

Moreover, the government also has a crucial role in making policies regarding that matter, especially in Trump’s era. As for the people who don’t know President Trump, he is one of the leaders with high standards for entering America. Side by side, there is an increase of refuse endorsements going on.

It is a dream for some people to work abroad, especially in America. As you know, the dollar as a currency in this country is one of the leading currencies worldwide. For that reason, many people risk the chances to seek a perfect opportunity to enter the US. Thus, unlike other nations, the US has many restrictions on the individuals who want to go there.

Additionally, it is one of the most significant opportunities you can get when you are an employee. Not all employees are eligible for this kind of affidavit. It requires a managerial, executive, or person with specialized knowledge in the US corporation. Yes, that is right. That is the only position that this endorsement can accept.

It might be a biased condition. Thus, the person behind this status also works hard to reach that level of employment. If you want to have that endorsement, ensure that you make it on top and be one of the people who earn that level of position. It might be challenging, but it is the only condition to have an L1 visa. Hence, there is also an available endorsement that can accompany you. Below is the list of the various American permits that you can get. Also, visit the following link and let expert professionals help you with your lie Detector Test.

Common Grounds For L1 Visa Refusal

This section contains the list of the possible reason why an L1 endorsement gets denied. For some reason, it is better to know the grounds to make a significant adjustment when you request another. Each of these grounds has a crucial role in making your application more reliable for the second time you submit your L1 endorsement request. So, here is the following;

Specialized Knowledge Assessment

It is the first on the list of the common grounds for L1 refusal. You can also include it on the increasing reason you are facing that kind of circumstances. As we mentioned a while ago, the Trump administration conducts a strict procedure in the validation of visas like the L1 endorsement. Besides, you need to prove that the specialized knowledge is invaluable to the corporation and can’t be provided by the American worker.

Managerial Requirement

Given that applying for this endorsement needs a great position like managerial and executive. Thus, there are also some instances that the validity of this status is also uncertain. Yes, that is right. There are some conditions behind this request, and you need to clarify them properly. Several employees under your supervision are what you need.

Immigration officers consider your request if you have enough employees under you. Somehow, it is the number one requirement that you must have. You should manage at least five employees. If not, there will be a problem with your assessment petition.

Salary Standard

Most American companies need to look for the salary wage of the people they are going to recruit. Yes, for them, you must manage to have a standard salary for the American Industry. The employer should access the prevailing wages based on a state-specific site.

Business Growth is not feasible

There are times that some employers are exaggerating this business proposal and become unrealistic for some reasons. For that reason, USCIS looks over the applications in detail. They make a basic assessment of your plan against industry standards and local case studies. If there are arouse suspicions in your business plans, there is a high chance that your application will be denied.

Incorrect document submission

You can consider it a fundamental error when it comes to submitting your required documents. In some instances, you or your petitioner hand over an incorrect supporting document to the immigration officers. Therefore, they refuse to grant you the request that you are applying for. Small mistakes can cause you big trouble when it comes to an application. That is why it is better to get help from the immigration lawyer to prepare your requirements certainly.

Lack of Evidence

In 2015, America’s government released a memo the L1 application must have a preponderance of the evidence. The applicant must exhibit that all their claims regarding eligibility are genuine and reliable. Thus, the applicant needs to do all the conditions and provide all the requirements throughout the procedure. It is the only option to prevent the refusal of your request.


Denial requests might be an excellent thing for you to be more competitive in the future. It might be a negative result, but it can also motivate you to achieve your goal positively. America is a country that you can reach anytime you want. Thus, you need to prepare yourself to provide the documents you need to get your preferred endorsement. It might be a rough road on the first try, but it can be a better result for your next application.

There are a lot of options to have an American visa. There is also a reason why your application gets denied. So, to get the approval that you want, you can choose other American visa choices. Yes, there are a lot of US endorsements that you can try. However, you need to ensure that you have the preference that they need.

On that note, you need detailed requirements to apply for a specific affidavit. To avoid any denied request, again. Ensure that you prepare the documents and requirements. It is your stepping stone to enter the US. For that reason, it is a great thing to consult the professionals that can help you with that matter. The best example of that is the immigration lawyer.

Furthermore, the petitioner is also a great example to get a particular visa that you are applying for. So, we thank you for this great opportunity. We hope that this article will help you in the future. Have a nice day ahead!