5 Reasons You Should Give CBD Bath Bombs a Try

We’ve all seen the demand for CBD products everywhere. But did you know that CBD is also used in luxurious spas and professional fitness centers?

These relaxing treatments are given to clients in the form of CBD bath bombs to relieve stress and muscle aches. You don’t have to pay a fortune to benefit from the fizzy goodness of one, though.

Bath bombs are easy to find at your local department store. They’re little balls of soap, essential oils, and other ingredients that dissolve quickly when dropped in water.

CBD bath bombs add an extra layer of pampering to these common health and beauty products. If you’ve never tried these therapeutic wonders, these five benefits will convince you to indulge in one today!

1. It’s Your Excuse to Relax

The demands of your day are never-ending. Who has time to soak in a bath when so much else has to be done?

We get the pressure, which is why trying a CBD bath bomb is the perfect excuse to take a break. CBD has significant mental and physical healing properties.

Thirty minutes of relaxing in a CBD bath will refresh your body and mind, letting you get back to the grind feeling revived and alert.

2. CBD Baths are a Great Way to Start a Detox

Detoxing from cannabis occasionally is necessary in order to reset your tolerance or eliminate THC from your system.

Using cannabis consistently leaves traces of cannabinoids in your body. Maybe you need to take a drug test at work, or you’re not enjoying your normal product as much. If so, it may be time to flush these remnants from your body and start fresh.

However, not everyone can easily detox cold turkey. When you’re craving your cannabis fix but don’t want to mess up your progress, a CBD bath bomb without THC might help.

You still get many of the coveted benefits of cannabinoids, but without the strong THC levels. Note that many CBD products contain .3% or fewer trace amounts of THC, which can still show up on a drug test.

3. It Restores Your Body’s Balance

Cannabinoids interact directly with the part of your body called the “endocannabinoid system.” It’s responsible for some substantial jobs, but in general, it keeps your body’s natural balance.

When this system is out of whack due to external and internal factors (like your diet, for instance), it impacts your entire body’s wellness. CBD bath bombs, combined with Epsom salt, draw out toxins from the organs in your body.

This resets the natural balance and improves your overall health. The CBD/Epsom salt combination is used to aid in weight loss, reducing aches and pains, and mood disorders.

4. CBD Bombs Reduce Aches and Pains

The use of these bath bombs in professional fitness centers isn’t for luxury. It’s a strategic method of treatment intended to get athletes back to their sports quickly.

When muscles are inflamed after exercise, the inflammation can irritate nerves and cause pain. A hurting athlete is not performing at peak capacity and could end up injuring themselves further.

CBD is widely known to be a natural pain reliever and an anti-inflammatory. It works with your body to balance the immune system out and calm inflammation.

Bath bombs are popular because they relieve overall body tension, reduce muscle soreness, and decrease recovery time between activities.

Even if you’re not an athlete, though, CBD bath bombs will soothe your bodily aches and pains.

5. You’ll Have Better Skin

An attractive advantage of bath bombs is that they improve your skin’s health and appearance. Hot water, Epsom salt, and CBD working together increase blood circulation and opens your pores. The end result is a glowing skin tone.

As the toxins are flushed from your skin, the bath bomb’s essential oils enter your body. You’ll see a lot of choices of bombs with different ingredients. Each one has its own role to play in improving your body’s health, letting you choose the kind that fits your needs.

From relaxation to recovery, there’s a CBD bath bomb for that.


Whether you’re looking for some extra pampering or you need help handling the pain in your body, CBD bath bombs are the answer. With so many benefits to this small bundle of fizz, there’s no excuse not to give it a try and endless reasons why you should!