Why torrents are better than streaming

Intro: Torrents have been around for a long time, and they’re not going away any time soon. While streaming has become more prevalent in recent years, torrents still have several advantages over streaming services. Streaming is great for when you want to watch something quickly, but if you have the time and resources, torrenting is a better way to go. Let’s take a closer look at what makes torrenting better than streaming.

1. Torrents offer a higher quality video than streaming services

While most streaming services provide HD quality videos, torrents typically provide a higher definition video. For example, the picture quality of Netflix is limited to 720p (1280×720). If you’re watching on your tablet or computer, it’s not too bad; however, if you want to stream in HD on your TV, you’ll be stuck with the 720p limitation. In contrast, a torrent download can offer up to 4K (3840×2160) resolution. If you’re going to stream in HD on your TV, you’re limited to 1080p (1920×1080). A torrent download can give you much more than that! Torrents might take a while to download, but the quality is usually better than streaming services. At  https://thepirateproxybay.com/ You can find various torrent versions with different rates, so you’ll never have to settle for a blurry video again.

2. Torrents allow you to skip through parts of a video

Torrents allow you to skip through parts of a video

You can’t do that with streaming services! You’re stuck watching the video all the way through. If you watch some videos repeatedly, this is a significant limitation of streaming services. A torrent download also gives you the flexibility to start playing the video. If you only want to watch it for a couple of minutes, no problem, but if you’re going to watch it for hours, you can start up your client, and the video will be ready. If you come across a part of a video that you don’t like, you can skip through it with ease. There’s often no way to skip over something you don’t like with streaming services. If part of a video is botched or has low-quality audio, you’ll have to watch it in its entirety if you want the whole experience.

3. Torrents are better for downloading media

Torrents are better for downloading media

If you want a quick download of a video or song, streaming services aren’t going to work. You’ll have to wait a long time before the video starts playing back. It is not ideal for watching or listening to something immediately. Torrenting media is faster than streaming, too: To stream a video, your computer has to send requests for information out through the Internet and wait for that information to be sent back. If you’re watching an HD video, that bandwidth use can slow down your connection; if you’re using your phone’s Internet, it can quickly use up your monthly data allotment. Torrenting media instead sends only the information you’re requesting.

4. Torrents are cheaper than streaming services

The content you download through torrents is not free, but it’s often more affordable than the equivalent on a streaming service. In some cases, this means you get access to older media replaced on streaming services by newer titles. But if you’re willing to wait for something new, torrenting also allows users to choose from a broader range of media than what is available on streaming services. The cost can add up when you’re streaming shows or movies regularly. You have to pay for the subscription each month plus the prices of all your rentals, which in turn means that torrenting is often a much less expensive option. Streaming services often have costly monthly subscriptions, while torrenting media does not cost anything.

5. Torrents don’t run out of “content”

Popular shows and movies, such as those that air on HBO or Netflix, can sometimes be challenging to find on the legal market. When these series are posted online by illegal uploaders, they’re often quickly banned from public torrent trackers. However, they’re almost always available through private trackers or on streaming websites because of their popularity. If you want to watch the latest episode of “Game of Thrones,” for example, torrents are likely to be your only option if it’s not already airing on television.

6. Streaming has ads

Streaming has ads

One of the most obvious downsides to streaming media is that you’re forced to watch ads to view content. While some free sites will let you skip advertisements after five or 10 seconds, paid streaming services like Netflix require users to sit through at least 30-second commercials every few minutes. Streaming services run commercials before and during videos to make money. Most of the time, these go relatively unnoticed. Still, if you’re watching on a mobile device or with advertisements enabled on your computer, you’ll likely encounter at least one commercial every few videos. If you use ad-blocking software or have an ad-blocker enabled in your browser, not only does this prevent ads from appearing, but it keeps the site you’re visiting from earning revenue as well.

7. Streaming is often illegal

Many streaming services are available to users for free, which means they are supported by ads instead of requiring a monthly fee. This model does not work if content providers are paid for ad space on their videos or shows, meaning that some streaming services infringe on copyrighted content. Pirate Bay was recently blocked in the UK, and more widespread enforcement of anti-piracy laws could make these kinds of issues even worse for streamers.


So, if you’re looking for a way to watch your favorite movies and TV shows without having to worry about buffering or commercials, torrenting is the way to go. So, if you have the time and resources, torrenting is a better way to go. Use one of the many torrent clients out there to get started and happy streaming!