Which is good for health AC or cooler?

People often get confused about air cooler and air conditioners and cannot decide which one will make a better choice. Well, the choice should actually depend upon a number of external ambient conditions like temperature and humidity and of course the budget you can afford.

In areas where the climate is hot and dry and ambient temperature don’t go beyond 38 degrees centigrade – air coolers can make healthier and more budget friendly options. But one is also required to keep in mind that air cooler has no control upon humidity.

In contrast where the air is more humid than dry homeowners can consider Ducted air con Sydney as a better choice for apart from controlling temperature an air conditioner can also control air flow, humidity and also air quality to a certain extent.

Air coolers are preferred for their portability and versatility and also for the low maintenance they require. Latest model air coolers now available in the market come with more advanced feature and have turned out to be a popular alternative to ACs. Below is situation when buying a cooler will make a better choice.

  • Well ventilated room: Air coolers draw in warm air from the atmosphere to run it through water and release cooler and moist air inside. The water tank inside the coolers makes the air cool and moist while strategically placed fans circulate the cool air to bring room temperature down. But if the room in concern is not a well ventilated one ACs are the right choices for they are capable of dehumidifying the air inside a room.
  • Climate: If the climatic condition in your area is not extreme and it is dry during the summer then coolers are the right option. But if you are living in coastal areas where the air is hot and humid air coolers can cause more discomfort than comfort. In areas where the climate is more extreme and summer temperature reach well over 40 degrees centigrade with a lot of humidity in the air an AC will make a better choice.
  • Health issues: Air coolers only release cool and moist water inside a room and they have no feature for controlling the air flow or air quality. But as air passes through the water most dust particles are filtered and the air released inside is much cleaner. Contrary to this air conditioners come with air filters and latest air purifying technologies and can better maintain the air quality inside a room.

When it comes to deciding which one is a healthier option – Air conditioning Sydney or air coolers the choice should depend upon health condition of the people using the appliance and the climatic condition in that area.

There might be one drawback of air conditioners and that I they do sometimes fail to filter minute dust particles, especially when the filters are full or not cleaned regularly. Air coolers are cheaper, more versatile and also more power effective but they cannot give instant cooling like an AC. People also do sometimes complain for running nose after spending long hours in air-conditioned environments.