How To Clean Splashbacks

Kitchen splashbacks are a stunning and attractive element of the space, available in a range of colour and size options. Acrylic splashbacks bring a touch of glitz and luxury to your kitchen. They also help protect the walls behind your sinks and food preparation spaces, adding that gleam and shine to the area. It’s only logical that you’d want to keep it in excellent working order.

An acrylic kitchen splashback, unlike a conventional tile splashback, is quick and simple to maintain. Cleaning your acrylic splashback is very simple. See the best here!

Use a good cleaning cloth

If you want your splashback to retain its glossy look, you’ll need the appropriate cloth. Acrylic splashback panels are not resistant to abrasive materials such as polycarbonates or metal scourers. These will scratch the surface and, in some cases, do significant harm. For the best effects, clean with a paper towel or soft cloth. Buff the surface using a new cloth to ensure that it is free of streaks.

Wipe away splashes as soon as they happen

Despite the fact that acrylic splash boards are made of sturdy materials that can endure frequent spills and splashes, it’s a good idea to wipe away stains as soon as they appear. This will help you save time and energy during cleaning, ensuring that no major scratches occur.

Use appropriate cleaning products

When cleaning an acrylic splashback, it’s usually enough to use an all-purpose cleaning solution. It’s important to avoid using harsh or rough cleaners since they might harm the surface. Your splashback provider will be able to offer you more cleaning ideas.

Maintain the silicone seal

Because the wall behind the cabinet is not waterproof, splashbacks are required to keep it safe. They must be properly sealed against water. The sealant used will be determined by the splashback’s material. Acrylic is a popular choice for kitchen splashbacks since it is completely waterproof and does not need to be grouted. However, all splashbacks will have a silicone seal along the perimeter to keep water out. Check for and replace any necessary seals regularly.

With these handful of cleaning tips in mind, your splashbacks will keep their shine for many years to come. Just remember to keep on top of your cleaning routine and give your kitchen the TLC it so rightfully deserves. There’s nothing more satisfying than having a sparkling clean space to cook your meals in.