The Top Router Table You Can Buy


A router table combo is a great tool to have for woodworking. Router allow you to do many woodworking tasks, but they have one big limitation. Handheld routers are heavy and need both hands to operate. This makes them great to work with on big heavy objects that are stationary and do not move. But for work on smaller pieces, the two-handed operation of a router causes problems. You will need to clamp smaller pieces firmly in place to use a router on them. 

This is where a router table steps in. A router table is a special table where you can fix a portable router upside down to the underside of the table. So, the router works upside down and the router head rotates in the anti-clockwise direction. Instead of the router head moving against the wood, on a router table the wood moves against the router head.

Advantages of Using a Router Table

There are many advantages of using a router table. First, both your hands are free, so you can guide the wood as it moves past the router head. Second, you do not have the handle the heavy router. Third, you can see how the bit works on the wood.

Besides this, the router table provides a flat surface to work on. You can work with small, narrow, and long pieces of wood. You can repeat the same router cut many times on many pieces once the router table has been set up. On a router table, you can use router bits with large diameters. You can also do stopped cuts with a router attached to a router table.

A router table is a must-have for any woodworking enthusiast because of the number of things you can do with the router attached to the table. Do consider adding one to your woodworking tools.

Having said all of that, let us look at some popular router tables that you can consider buying.

Kobalt Router and Router Table Combo

The Kobalt router table comes with the Kobalt router at an affordable price. The combo is worth the price. 

First, let us talk about the router table. The build is superb with the table and tabletop made of sturdy durable cast aluminum. The table has a small footprint and great looks. The tabletop workspace is 26” x 16” which is a nice size. It has an adjustable fence and plenty of other guides to make your work easier. The table also has a port that can be attached to a vacuum cleaner to keep the work surface clean.

The router that comes as part of the combo is color-coordinated with the table and fits perfectly. This router features a 24 V, 12-amp motor that runs at 25,000 RPM to give you good clean cuts. The power cord for the router is extra long so you will not have to hunt for an extension board every time you use it. The router collet sizes are ¼” to ½”, making it compatible with all shanks and bits.

Great value for money because you get a router and a table. Also, a great addition to your woodworking arsenal. 

Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

The Bosch RA1181 is a solid and dependable mid-range benchtop router from a reputed company. This table has a sturdy build, a small footprint, and looks awesome. It features a 27” x 18” aluminum tabletop, which is a nice big flat work surface. The table has two feather boards to provide stability to the wood as you work with it. It also has an aluminum fence that is 25⅛” long and 4⅞” high. 

You can use a wide range of routers with this table. However, make sure you check if your router is compatible with the table. The table also comes with a 2½” dust-collection port that will fit most vacuum cleaners to keep the work surface clean.

The features of the router table with the branded name make this a viable option to consider. The Bosch RA1181 is perhaps one of the best out there.

SKIL RAS900 Router Table

This router table can be folded when not in use. The legs, which double as storage bins for accessories and parts fold into the base. The table is made of MDF and the lower body is molded plastic. The router table accepts a wide variety of routers.

The table has two feather boards to guide the wood and a guard. It has options for adjusting the bit height as well as a miter gauge. It also has a starter pin and a guard to use when routing curved pieces. A good option if you want a convenient router table. This router table is in the low-to-mid-range and is a good buy for hobbyists working on small pieces.

Goplus New Electric Aluminum Router Table

For a low-priced router table that has several good features, the Goplus table is a great option. It features a grooved aluminum table that has a weight limit of 40 lbs. The steel legs provide a sturdy base for the table. 

The router has a universal router plate that can accept most of the known brands of routers. It also has clamps for any router that does not hook on. It has a bit height gauge to set the bit height. There is also a safety guard and a power cable. The table also has an adjustable fence to keep the wood in line. This router table is a great choice for a novice as well as a seasoned woodworker. Great value for the price.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt about the utility of having a routing table as part of your woodworking tools. It has umpteen uses. The router tables featured here are some of the best. All the featured models are tabletop router tables that can easily sit on your work table. They all provide features that are useful for any woodworker from a novice to a more experienced hobbyist. Do consider adding a router table to your list of must-haves, unless you already have one.