How to Use CBD Balm for Pain Relief for Your Pet?

Although they can’t speak, dogs can display signs of distress when they experience pain in their paws or elbows. The CBD-infused balm for dog paws is becoming popular among pet owners.

CBD-infused topical creams and balms have become mainstream over the past few years, and this is not only among humans but also among their furry companions. The CBD veterinary medicine market in the US is $187.5 million and is still growing.

You may think that oral dosage is more effective, but topical balms have their advantages too. These are the ways that you can relieve your pet from pain through the topical use of CBD.

Detect The Target Area

Pets have a way of communicating when they are in pain. They become agitated, yelp or growl, avoid contact with anyone or anything, are reluctant to walk, or even stop eating. Just about anything different from their usual behavior is a sign that something is not right.

You will have to gently inspect the animal’s body to find the area that hurts. It could be due to a wound, or it may be an internal pain. An injury will require a Vet’s attention, but you can treat the internal pain with a CBD balm.


Before applying anything to the pet’s skin, you need to make sure that you clean the area first. This will make sure that the balm is absorbed better through the skin and is highly effective quickly.


You can take a small portion of the balm and apply it directly to the area that hurts. Massage it in until the balm is fully absorbed. It should take about 15 minutes for the balm to start showing its effects. Your pet will start feeling better as the pain alleviates.

Areas Where CBD Balm Can Be Used

The CBD balm can be used on your pet’s nose, elbows, paws, and other areas where they experience pain. Avoid the eyes and any open wounds. Balm for dog paws is highly popular among dog owners to soothe sore paws.

Added Benefits of CBD Balms

Besides providing pain relief, balms also come infused with oils and creams such as coconut oil, beeswax, essential oils, hemp seed oil. These oils help your pets remain pain-free and moisturized.

Focus on Problem Areas

The added benefit of using balms instead of oral CBD is that the application is absorbed directly in the skin near the affected area. This ensures quicker and long-lasting effects.

Skip the Digestive Tract

If you do not want your pet to experience any other effects of hemp, you can use topical applications rather than oral ones. They are often quicker and more effective.

Soothes Your Pet

By massaging the balm into your pet’s skin for a few minutes, you ensure that your pet feels relaxed, cared for, and loved. This helps reduce their agitation while the balm takes effect.

CBD has been known to work wonders for pets as well as humans. By using the CBD balm for dog paws, you can ensure that your pet’s pain is relieved quickly and safely.