Simple Design Tips for Your Kitchen

Kitchens are full of things that need to be organized and kept in order. This means that they can sometimes feel cluttered, which makes it hard to find what you’re looking for or get anything done. The key is to make sure your kitchen is well-designed so that everything has a place and there’s always enough space on the countertops, cabinets, and other surfaces for preparing food and cooking. In this blog post we will talk about some easy design tips for your kitchen!

1. Make Your Kitchen Efficient

Keep your kitchen tools in a place you use them most often, such as near the stove. This will make it easier to find what you need and also keep things from getting lost or becoming dirty. Your utensils should be within reach of where they are needed so that there is never any unnecessary movement around the countertops, simple steps like this when you redesign your kitchen is key to a great kitchen

2. Designing wide walkways

When you are designing your kitchen, having wide walkways will massively help It’s possible that you have never thought about what your kitchen looks like and space you need. Especially if there are 2 of you in the kitchen you need the room

3. Find the right height for the microwave

You might not of thought this but getting a good height for your microwave can be tough. Make sure your microwave is at a height that you are able to reach and isn’t too close or high up.

4. Determine the island’s function?

It’s all about the details – more than just a place to prepare food, your kitchen is also decor. The best way to make it feel as homey and welcoming as possible? Designing with comfort in mind! Here are some simple design tips for your kitchen that will help you get back on track. So what are you going to use the island for, with this in mind, you can design the perfect island.

5. Plan the landing space near appliances

This is key to efficiency, planning your space. If you plan your space near appliances you will be able to prepare like no other.

6. Making old kitchen units new again

You can save money instead of replacing the old kitchen, you can wrap the units in the color that you have always wanted. The beauty about wrapping the options are limitless.  Once you have wrapped the kitchen it is important to make sure you make good on everything else from making sure the tiles are grouted to making sure the edges of the worktops have been sealed, np1 caulk is the sealant on the market for this. With the new wrap, freshly grouted tiles and the fresh sealant the pitch will look like new.

7. Use light colors in a small kitchen

If you decide to wrap the kitchen it is important to remember light color

You might not think that decorating your kitchen is a big deal. But, you’d be surprised at how much it can change the mood of the space and make cooking and cleaning more enjoyable every day. Use bright colors for an upbeat feel (think yellow) or soft pastels for calming vibes (pale pink). Matching appliances with your color scheme will also give off a cohesive look. Also Add some greenery by installing hanging plants or planters on shelves near windows where they’ll get plenty of light from natural sunlight. Or, keep them next to fresh herbs like thyme so their smell lingers throughout

8. Find a focal point

Creating a focal point is key to a well-designed kitchen. It can be as simple as an artful vase of flowers on the countertop or something larger like a gorgeous rug in front of your sink.

Whatever you choose, try to have it set against some sort of contrasting background for more impact (e.g., if you hang up artwork that has mostly blue tones, then use white walls and dark furniture). This will help draw the eye where you want it to go!

The focal point should appear near the centre of your space so there’s balance all around; this is especially important if you don’t have any windows in your kitchen area. You’ll also need at least one overhead light source positioned nearby – preferably down low – to give enough illumination without getting in your eyes.

Now that you have a better sense of how to design your kitchen, it’s time for some action. Take out the trash so there is more space on the countertops and cabinets, spend an hour cleaning up all the surfaces in your kitchen, put away things where they should be stored (like dishes), make sure everything has its place- this includes knives and other cooking utensils like spatulas or whisks! Clear off any clutter from shelves and tables- try using wall-mounted racks instead of putting things on top of one another. And while you’re at it, take down curtains if you don’t need them! These are just a few easy ways to declutter your kitchen without spending hours doing it yourself. Get started today