Why is Germany a Popular European Country for expatriates ?

When people decide to change their life and move to another country, it can be difficult to choose where to go. However, in Europe, many choose Germany as their new home. There are many reasons that explain this choice. Here are some of the most common ones.

The Number One Economy in Europe

One of the most important things that people look for when they choose a new country where to live, is the potential for finding a job. Germany is the number one economy in Europe, and so, its power to attract is much stronger in that perspective. Many newcomers will start their life in Germany in the capital city of Berlin. It has many advantages, including being known as a city where the cost of living is rather low. It is also a student city that is busy at work during the day and parties hard at night. If you decide to make it your drop point, check out these removals services from London to Berlin to help you plan your next steps.

A High-level Education

When you look at non-English speaking schools, Germany comes first in the world, in terms of destination for students to go and study. That is because it offers a high-level of education, without having to pay impossible tuition fees, like the ones you would find in the United States or in the UK. The German government makes sure that everyone has access to schools, whether rich or poor, and that applies to foreign students as well. Their goal is to attract the greatest minds, so that they remain in Germany afterwards, to build a better and more advanced society, in the future.

A country offering a Great Cultural Life

Although the Germans are known for knowing how to party, they are also flooded with cultural offers that range from museums to concerts, and from special events to art exhibits. How large is this cultural offer? The country counts over 130 orchestras, 140 theaters and 7,200 museums. You can take part in special events such as the Berlin Film Festival or the Bach Fest for those who enjoy classical music. There is even a Carnival of Cultures to celebrate the multi-culturalism of the country, where you are bound to meet with other expats, once you live there.

A Beautiful Nature and Cities

Europe is known for the beauty of its nature and its diversity. That is also true in Germany. When you enter into the Rhine Valley, you will be blown away by its spectacular views. You can tour vineyards and drink some of the unique wines produced in Germany. When we think about castles, we often picture France and England. But the truth is that Germany possesses the real fairy-tale version. It holds so many castles to visit, that you will never be able to tour them all. Their architecture is exquisite and will remind you of the stories that you were told, when you were just a kid. The cities have nothing to envy the ones in other countries in terms of beauty, either. Cologne, Munich or Dresden will all enchant you.