Wearing Contacts In The Winter

In some of the recent years people using contact lenses have increased drastically and that is one of the main reasons behind increasing confusions regarding this particular product. Using this product has been a trend irrespective of any problems with eyesight as it is considered as a style statement. Though it is true that needs of your eyeballs change as per the climatic conditions, still the problems can be solved by some simple tricks. Dryness in the air and lowered temperature are the main factors in winter months to which a lens user needs to focus.

Keeping lenses moist

As the air outside remains cold and the inside air remains warm, dryness in the eyes are very commonly found. Due to lowered moisture in the air, your eyeballs tend to get dry and can give rise to problems if you are wearing contacts. Here are some ways in which moisture in your eyes can be kept intact.

  • Artificial tears are available in the market, which are specially developed for lens users. This can be an effective solution for dry eyes in winter. By putting this product like an eye drop you can feel much comfortable with your lens.
  • Humidifier can also be effective in keeping eyes moist as it helps to reduce the rate of dehydration. In certain weather conditions, it remains useful for your health. It can be a recommended trick if you are facing difficulties with your lenses in winter.
  • In case you are having an issue with your contacts, you may try another brand. Every pair of eyes has its own requirements and you need to be sensitive to that before choosing a brand. Cooper vision lenses can be a useful option for you in case you are looking for a trusted brand.

Protecting eyes

Using sunglasses is not only effective in summer days, but they can be helpful for protecting your eyes in winter as it has some UV ray protective features. At the same time, it remains helpful for keeping the temperature of your eyeballs. It may sound unconventional but using sunglasses in winter can be helpful for those who use contact lenses.

Do contacts lenses freeze?

It depends on the way you treat them in winter. If they are kept in the lens solution for long hours in winter they will definitely freeze due to low temperature. This kind of issue will not be found if they are being maintained properly. As winter comes with some major issues for your lenses, you will need to be aware and maintain them accordingly. In case you are wearing your lenses they will never freeze due to the presence of your body temperature. Another thing needs to be mentioned here. All these properties depend on the quality of lenses. In case if you are using a branded lens, chances of this kind of issue remain much less. Due to this reason, a reputed brand is always recommended as your eyes are always very sensitive.