Was not the legendary Russian star: “his work has been seen all”

Не стало легендарной российской звезды: «его работы видели все»

Did not the famous author

Soviet sculptor Konstantin Simun died in the United States, about it write the Russian mass media:

“Talented and absurd in their conceptual simplicity, he once told me, “you Know, like Edgar Allan PoE, about myself I say almost nothing,” recalled the dead Tatiana Yurieva, Director of the Museum of contemporary art named after Sergei Diaghilev.

Konstantin Simun studied in the Leningrad Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture named after I. E. Repin, but was expelled for formalism. Included in the creative “Group of Eleven”, and in 1988 moved to the United States. In 1966 he received an order for a monument to those who transported goods and people on the “Road of life” monument “Broken ring”, the artist became widely known through this work.

Не стало легендарной российской звезды: «его работы видели все»

Recall also the musician Nikita Kuklin was found dead in a Moscow apartment. About it write the Russian mass media with reference to the website of the National Philharmonic of Russia (NPR):

“August 31, 2019, suddenly passed away the employee of NPR, is a leading specialist in organizing and planning the concert activities of Nikita Kuklin. Vladimir Spivakov and the whole orchestra mourn with the family of their colleague and Express our deepest condolences to his family” — referred to in the message. Pianist Kuklina was only 33 years – it is known that on the eve of the irreparable, the musician had a rest in the evening in the Moscow apartment with two friends:

“They were drinking alcohol”. Officially announced that the body of the actor found traces of a beating, but those most familiar musician say that nothing to do with his death have not. Most sources do not write open a criminal case on the fact and suspicion that the musician may have died in the violence.

Не стало легендарной российской звезды: «его работы видели все»

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All the news

Recall also a novelist, writer and critic Yuri Borev died yesterday in Moscow. It is known that at the time of his death he was 94 years:

“Another sad loss today (publication date 31 July). At the age of 94 years left Yuri Borev (1925 — 2019) — writer, critic, philologist, cultural anthropologist, art historian, author of the famous “Aesthetics” and samizdat in the USSR “of Stalinisty”. Very significant figure,” — wrote in a network.

We will remind, found the body of a famous boxer.

As he wrote Politeka, stopped the heart of a legend of French cinema.

Also Politeka wrote that famous Russian musician, before his death he changed beyond recognition.