Undisputed Benefits of Cable TV

Cable television has been the most popular source of entertainment across the United States. It is packed with an extensive portfolio of exciting channels that no other entertainment medium can offer. However, with time newer technologies such as satellite TV and streaming platforms have stolen cable TV’s spotlight.

Despite the intense competition in the market, there are still some benefits of Cable TV that are hard to ignore. Let us have a look at the most prominent benefits a cable TV subscriber enjoys.

Reliable Viewing Medium

Reliability and stability is the primary benefit of a cable TV subscription. As compared to other technologies, this service provides freedom from downtime during harsh weather and traffic overload on the network.

When your home is flooded with guests and everyone is hogging your Wi-Fi power, you can still enjoy your cable TV without any deterioration in the service’s performance. You just have to follow the channel schedule to enjoy your favorite programs.

A Plethora of Options

Cable TV is also home to a multitude of content options. No matter what genre you might be interested in, be it be sports, news, action, romance, comedy, or pretty much anything else, there is a dedicated channel for you to enjoy.

On the other hand, streaming platforms offer a limited variety of channels that are either bound by genre or only focus on the recently trending content in your region. You have the option to choose specific channels plans for each member of the home, for a more luxurious experience.

Best choice for sports fans

When you choose the right Cable TV plan, you get access to a number of sports channels such as ESPN, NFL and NFL Network. So, you get entertainment in terms of movies and shows as well as sports. In short, what we are trying to say is that if you are a sports fan, then you shouldn’t think about opting for a streaming service because Netflix is good, but you would miss out on all the Live Sports.

If you are concerned you won’t have enough content options as you get with streaming services, then rest assured that you get access to thousands of On Demand titles and pay-per-view.

Bundling Flexibility

Every household today needs internet and phone. One of the best advantages of subscribing to cable TV is that you can bundle all three services together and get discounts. Other than the discounts, you also get convenience. When you have to pay the bill or you have any issue, you won’t have to call different providers; just one click and one phone number can solve all your issues.

There are several service providers like AT&T, Mediacom, and others that offer Double Play and Triple Play plans for subscribers to benefit from. However, you have to make sure that the plan you are enticed by is available in your region.

Easy on the Pocket

Not everyone can afford expensive streaming services and luxurious satellite TV technologies. Cable TV makes it possible for almost every single household to access high-quality entertainment without struggling with their finances.

If you happen to be a student living alone, subscribing to a cable TV subscription, rather than a satellite or streaming service could help you manage your monthly finances in a better way. Moreover, who doesn’t like saving a few bucks every month?

Cable TV Providers worth Considering

Now that you know a little more about cable TV and its benefits, let us also help you with some of the most reliable cable TV providers available in the United States.


With Optimum cable TV, you could enjoy a plethora of exciting channels all day long without suffering from poor display quality. There are several plans in its portfolio that you could benefit from, depending on your personal preferences.

The service offers access to more than 220 amazing channels belonging to all sorts of genres, Moreover, you have the opportunity to experience true 4K image quality with even the most basic of plans. If Optimum service is available in your region, you might want to give it a try.


Spectrum is famous for its reliability. With plans like Spectrum TV Select and Spectrum Double Play Silver, Spectrum has made its way into the homes of millions across the country. The service proudly offers remarkable perks such as DVR, On-Demand, and premium channels to its subscribers, round the clock.

The lineup hosts several exceptional channels like Cinemax, HBO, SHOWTIME, and numerous others, which are enough to entice everyone’s attention. And with features like a 30-day money-back guarantee, and no contracts, there is no harm in giving this service a try.


Cox is yet another example of high-quality entertainment in the United States. More than 19 states in America are blessed with this phenomenal service already and are enjoying more than 140 amazing HD channels.

On top of it, you could bundle this service with your internet or phone, depending on regional availability. This way, you could enjoy features like blazing-fast internet and unlimited nationwide calling throughout the year.

All in All

There are pros and cons to everything; these are only a few advantages that a cable TV service has without a shred of doubt. Cable TV has something for everyone, especially if you have kids at home. So, before you decide to cut the cord forever, we hope you go through these pointers and then make an informed decision.