The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Executive Assistants

In this modern day and age, there are more remote professional jobs than ever before. Virtual assistants can work from home or any other location as they help their clients with a wide variety of tasks by providing virtual assistance to them in person–or virtually.

These professionals take on different responsibilities depending upon what is needed for each client’s situation but will always provide high quality service while maintaining integrity until such time that one has been established

The work-at home virtual assistant is a great gig for people who enjoy the details and like working remotely. These assistants help with any number of tasks, from database management to data entry – whatever your company needs!

Virtual executive assistants are the key to success for busy executives. When you’re looking for a virtual assistant, make sure that they can take care of your non-business critical tasks and keep track on important but not business related items like emails or meetings while still getting everything done at top speed.

Considering such significance of virtual assistants, there are many services who offer top notch virtual executive assistants for your ease. V-served and many such websites are there where one can find an outstanding virtual assistant for his business or related needs.

What is Virtual Assistant?

You might be thinking that a virtual assistant sounds like the perfect job for you. You’ll work with clients and help them run their businesses more smoothly, often being able to do it from home office in comfort.

A vast majority of jobs nowadays require some sort-of digital skill set so why not get paid while exercising these skills? The average VA has an excellent customer service demeanor as well as good organizational abilities since they are responsible for keeping track on all tasks necessary when working under pressure or deadline driven situations which makes this type employment attractive.

Often, people are perplexed between the terms executive assistant and administrative assistant. The difference between an administrative assistant and executive assistant is their work ethic. Administrative assistants support the business, while executives are in charge of it all themselves; however there’s a new breed called “virtual” which can be considered both since they often become CEOs or VPs’ right hands capable enough to make independent decisions for productivity enhancement but virtual executive assistant offers services on a remote basis.

Roles and Responsibilities of a VA

Since there are many services who offer talented virtual executive assistants for hiring. V-served and a lot more are there to serve you in this regard in an astounding manner. But if you are greatly interested in becoming a VA, it is better to have a profound knowledge about this job. Here, we are describing the roles and responsibilities of a virtual executive assistant in detail.

Answering Phone Calls

When you’re a personal online assistant or VA for small businesses, your job may involve answering basic inquiries from customers. You’ll also forward messages onto employees who can help them out better and schedule meetings with potential clients themselves.

Performing Data Entry

Data entry is a popular part of the VA work for some employees. Applicants must be able to use Excel with their skillset and may need some light data inputting experience as well, so read our guide on how you can get started.

Managing Social Media

There are many responsibilities that come with working as a virtual assistant for small businesses. One of these is setting up and maintaining social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter or other sites where the company’s products can be found.

Responsibilities include keeping an updated list of popular groups such as Facebook Groups (groups are often used by communities) , replying reviews from Yelp users within certain time limits depending upon their rules -this allows restaurants keep track what people think before spending too much advertising money-,answering any questions asked in one place via text message/email.

Managing Projects

If you have project management experience, don’t forget to mention it when applying for a VA position! It’s important that they know who will be in charge of organizing and managing their tasks.

A virtual assistant may find themselves acting as an office manager on occasion due the administrative nature of these jobs; however there are many other responsibilities available such like online research which can help out clients or even just keep up with current events outside work hours if needed.

Virtual assistants are available through different platforms (like v-served etc.) where you can find such energetic individuals who can make your day to day tasks accompolished.

Managing Customer Support

If you want to work as a virtual assistant for small business owners, they may ask that you answer customer calls and provide basic information. Sometimes this means answering the phone or connecting them with their desired party by emailing in some cases- but it all depends on what your boss needs from his/her VA team.

You can also act like an online representative on social media sites like Facebook where people post questions about products etc., helping out those customers who need assistance while being sure not too overload any one person’s account (or skillset).

Performing Administrative Duties

Doing these small tasks is important for a business because they help run the company. You could do research to prepare presentations, provide administrative support around major projects or even polish PowerPoint slides.

Planning Events

A virtual executive assistant is a great way to make sure that all of your event needs are met, particularly when it comes down to logistics. You can rely on them for help with internal and external planning as well.

They will ensure that everything from venues to displays meet standards and are tailored perfectly according their client’s tastes in order not only deliver results but exceed expectations. With v-served and similar platforms, get an efficient VA for your business tasks, so you can pay heed to more critical areas.


So, you have got a complete understanding about Virtual Executive Assistants. So, if you want to become VA, get yourself excelled in the mentioned areas and increase the chances of getting hired by bigger clients.