Technological Breakthrough in Poultry Equipment: automated equipment

Nowadays, the technological presence in all business processes is inevitable. It brings great assistance in reaching the target objective to become a leader in the farming industry. When the poultry farm business is established correctly by meeting international requirements and particular regulations, then the business is to succeed.

From the premise to build to poultry equipment to purchase is a strategic plan to run a poultry farm business. Also, the type of poultry matters a lot as it determines further action to take in adjusting automated poultry equipment in the premise. The age of the poultry influences as well when deciding on specific purposes to follow. Whatever production the poultry farm business will focus on, whether meat or egg production, appropriate conditions should be provided for poultry to grow and give healthy broods.

Poultry Equipment in Modern Farm Business

In order to allow the farm business to grow, the premise should be equipped with unique customized solutions to maintain poultry life. Poultry equipment from is an excellent option to take advantage of. The company has a wide range of state-of-the-art solutions due to the poultry age — chicks, bullets, laying hens, parent flock — and the target production: meat production equipment and egg collection systems. In addition, every poultry equipment is supplied with vital facility systems: drinking, feeding, litter removal, lighting, and microclimate systems.

Company provides modern, first-class cage equipment for industrial broiler rearing. There are three types of broiler equipment available:

  1. Cage equipment for growing broilers, industrial herds in automated cages. Each cage has feeding and drinking lines, as well as droppings. The ROBOT system has been developed for automatic unloading of poultry, as well as its thinning. Modern technologies allow not only a high quality product, but also increase the profitability of the business.
  2. Floor maintenance on a litter. The technology of raising birds on the floor is the simplest, most accessible and oldest in the poultry industry. But even traditional floor technology requires high-quality modern equipment, taking into account the latest developments in the field of poultry farming. The TEXHA company has developed a comprehensive solution and offers ready-made sets of technological equipment with automatic control of the poultry life support processes: feeding, drinking, lighting, microclimate.
  3. Outdoor net content without bedding. The product of combining cellular and cell-free technologies. The bird is free to move around the house without cages. The main advantage is the absence of bedding and automated cleaning of the droppings. This ensures that litter is kept clean, protected from the spread of disease and parasites, and that litter and litter are free of toxic gases from decomposition. Several floor-standing poultry houses can be linked in a multi-storey building with a common microclimate and centralized control. This project was named Multifloor. This concept is applicable to the raising and keeping of various types of poultry, not just broilers.

The manufacturer has developed equipment for broiler rearing that optimizes the process of rearing chickens and increases the economic performance of production. In 2011, the company patented a proprietary complete unloading process system and brought it to market as a product called ROBOT. Since then, the technology of implementation in many enterprises and now works in dozens of countries around the world.

The new Multifloor technology is implemented in the EGGoist and MaxGrow complexes and is currently actively developing in the USA, EU countries and other regions of the world.

Current types of systems

Texha poultry equipment is quite varied; different types of proprietary feeders are used for different flocks. The manufacturer offers:

  • A feeding system that uses both the spiral feeding principle and the hopper feeding principle. For example, the spiral design consists of an automated feed system, a special hopper for successful storage of food, rolled feeding pipes (made of galvanized steel) and a special feeder with a plate-like shape. At the same time, the feeding lines are distributed throughout the house in such a way that each bird has constant access to feed. The amount of feed is controlled by special sensors and is automatically replenished if necessary. The feeders used are made of durable material that is resistant to mechanical deformation, chemicals and temperature extremes.
  • Drinking system, consisting of appropriate lines, a water treatment unit and water distribution in the lines. The option is considered versatile, since even a day old chick can access water. To create the components, high-quality raw materials are used, and all joints are as tight and strong as possible. Texha places particular emphasis on the reliability and environmental friendliness of the materials used;
  • A microclimate control system, thanks to which it is possible to regulate the supply of fresh air, to carry out temperature regulation according to current conditions, as well as to keep the air humidity level at the maximum level comfortable for the bird.

Big tech housing solution in egg production

“Texha” company collaborates with small businesses as well as with large-scale. For the latter, they have in store a tremendous poultry multi-level house aimed at laying hen management. It involves slatted floor management called EGGoist. This solution is a cage-free system focused on providing human poultry conditions.

EGGoist building helps to take your business to the next level owing to the benefits it leads: reduced financial costs, less labor efforts, lower space requirements, and minimum time consumption. This premise and implemented equipment are of one undivided construction.

Advantages of EGGoist poultry equipment from TEXHA

When caring for laying hens to get a guaranteed egg production, EGGoist prevents such possible ailments as discomfort, hunger, thirst, sickness and injuries, stress. This system allows poultry to move freely within the cage and satisfy their natural needs. For this, such facilities are installed:

  • nests with pushers/ bottom elevator;
  • egg-collection system;
  • belt-based litter removal system;
  • distributed feeding system;
  • easy-to-use drinking system;
  • automated microclimate system;
  • influencing lighting system;

EGGoist laying hen management system and other native equipment of the company comply with all standards by US and EU specifications and meet the most rigid requirements by animal welfare advocacy groups. Furthermore, such construction with automation systems will lead the business to volume production and well-generated income.