Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrates 66 years

According to the press Secretary head of state Dmitry Peskov, the President often celebrates birthday with family and friends, sometimes with colleagues at work.

Президенту Росії Володимиру Путіну виповнюється 66 років

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday is 66 years. “The President will spend the day with family, relatives and friends”, – said the press-Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, informs Rus.Media.

As Vladimir Putin celebrated his birthday

The birthday Putin, like all others, falls on a statutory holiday infrequently. Besides, an important date for him personally, no Sunday never became the basis for the Russian President to postpone “for tomorrow” business related to the management of the country. In this sense, the output from the head of Russia can not be, although occasionally find a couple of days to rest he is able. Recently, for example, the Russian President spent Saturday afternoon on vacation in a Khakass taiga.

Putin, who occupies the highest government post, just no one to ask. And he obviously has to get out of the situation in the country and in the world, choosing day to relax in nature or in a circle of close friends. Last year the Affairs of state forced him to spend part of his birthday in the workplace and far from Moscow. That day he held operational meeting with permanent members of Russian security Council in Sochi.

Traditionally, October 7, Putin’s also a lot of talking with the leaders of other countries on the phone, accepting congratulations. As noted by the press-Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov, the talk is not without cost and discuss issues, so that such calls are part of the working schedule of the Russian President.

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In 2016 Putin in this day is not public events. A year earlier, on the 7th of October out on the ice in the match of the Night hockey League, and in 2014, officially took the day off and flew to celebrate a birthday away from civilization, in the Siberian taiga. Several times on that date had major international events with the participation of the President of Russia.

According to Peskov, in General, the head of Russia often celebrates birthday with family and friends, sometimes with colleagues at work.

Gifts to the President

The list of those who have time to congratulate Russian President on this day, will occupy not one page. Even if judged only by those of them which became known to the General public. Occasionally, the media managed to find out that the Russian President give his fellow leaders of other countries. For example, a year ago, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gave Putin a puppy Alabai named Faithful.

This year one of the first, at least publicly, to congratulate the Russian President already the leader of the Republic of Srpska Milorad Dodik. He congratulated Putin on the occasion and removed from the lapel pin of the flag of Republika Srpska and handed it to the Russian leader. Handing your gift, Dodik said that the flag – “in fact, the inverted flag of Russia.”

No less than the original gifts and ordinary citizens, and not only Russians. Retailers, restaurants, community organizations and individual residents from all over the world are often satisfied with the action or in any other way trying to congratulate Putin on that day.

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Last year, when the President of Russia celebrated the 65th anniversary of the German businessmen gave him a t-shirt of the German national team and the statue of Lev Yashin in Washington one of the restaurants made pizzas Hot Like Putin (“Sharp as Putin”) and has treated its customers in new York, another restaurant has produced a “five” Burger. On the streets of Paris and Berlin to this day there was graffiti with warm words in its address. And Briton Andrew Cartwright actually posted my congratulations in the form of ads in the newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

Greetings from the middle of the circle

The main greeting of the President of Russia of course will take 7 Oct from family and friends. They are known not so much.

Grandchildren of the President of the Russian Federation have two, should not, according to him, “rise princes of the blood.” As daughters, the President of Russia has specified that they live in Moscow, engaged in research and education. He sees them and their husbands, but regrets that very rarely play with my grandchildren.

However, as for anyone, the important thing is that there are such people. A few years ago, the Russian President recounted his conversation with a friend from Europe who asked if his love life: like Putin and like Putin. “Yes,” said the President of the Russian Federation the answers to both questions.

With his ex-wife Lyudmila Putin, he said, has good relations, although each has its own life. The Russian President said that is not common, but occurs with it. “We have a very good relationship,” he said.

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Plans for the next five years

66 Putin is a vivid example of persistent and stubborn supporter of a healthy lifestyle. He only occasionally allows himself a weakness like a glass of vodka with the Chinese President XI Jinping. Yes they are, however, well within the scope of the official record and in the traditions of Russian hospitality. Putin often speaks about the need for the promotion of sports, and he is probably one of the most active popularizers of it. Everybody knows about his love of hockey and skiing. From the pool, according to Putin, starts almost every day.

Russian President loves to get out into nature. Photos and videos from these trips is the traditional leader for hits in the Internet for a few days after they are posted.

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