Pest Proofing and Exclusion: The Best Methods To Keep Rodents And Cockroaches Out

The rodent family and roaches are common troublemakers in most vicinities. And they can do a lot of damage to valuables if not prevented. Thankfully, there are several methods you can adopt to get rid of them from your space. This leads us to the pest proofing and exclusion techniques.

What is Pest Proofing & Exclusion?

Pest proofing and exclusion are adaptable measures to ward off pests. There are two words to consider here, “proofing and exclusion.” Both are usually used interchangeably, although they have slight differences in their meanings.

Proofing in the pest control context means making your apartment and infrastructure immune to pest invasion. However, exclusion has to do with eliminating all conditions that attract pests.

Ways To Pest Proof and Exclude Rodents and Roaches From Your Place

There are some fundamentals in keeping a solid guard against pests. Pest control professionals widely recommend these precautions.

  1. Look out for possible exterior pest entries. Examples are outdoor spaces like garages, workshops, gardens, etc.
  2. Constantly check utility openings, e.g., drains, water pipes, electronic cables, air conditioning units, gas meters, outdoor faucets, etc. These places are common passages for mice, spiders, mosquitoes, or cockroaches. Suitable sealants include steel wool and urethane.
  3. Declutter locations that can serve as pest hideouts. Keeping clean sometimes is what you need. Do away with food crumbs and leftovers—also, empty filled-up trash cans.
  4. Patch wall or ground openings. A good flooring covering (epoxy) is an excellent remedy for closing ground cracks. Cement patches are effective with the walls. You can also fill or seal holes and openings with acrylic latex caulks, rubber caulk, and silicone.
  5. Inspect cabinets and other furniture works. In addition, are lying logs that can become pest harborages.
  6. Repair window tears and bad door frames. Some pests are small enough to pass through the tiniest tear in your window nets. Frequent checks can prompt their discoveries. Moreover, look beneath the doors for gaps that can serve as an entry for common insects and rodents. You can do this by using the light filtering technique.
  7. Apply herbicides and insecticides. Ant and rodent killers are more powerful home defenses against pests.

How Much Does Pest Exclusion Cost?

The cost of keeping houses impermissible to pests varies. It depends on the extent of sealing, patching, and repairs needed. If you have huge holes and net tears, these are more entries for insects and rodents within a very limited time. Hence, you’ll spend more money than someone with less.

With the integrated pest management standards, exclusion is a safe method of excluding pests from your home.

How Do Experts Pest Proof Homes?

Even though most people take up the job themselves, there are licensed technicians in the pest control field. They’re trained to locate the most unnoticeable entry points in residences quickly. Examples of places they check are

  • Roofs
  • Windows
  • Vents
  • Pathways, etc.

Seal breakages are common with badly fixed openings. Hiring a professional makes the process easier and more effective. To contact one, click here.