How To Get Rid Of Rats In The Garden

Due to the harm, they may inflict on fruits, plants, seedlings, bulbs, shrubs, and plant containers, rodents are undesirable in gardens. Additionally, they can expose humans and animals to numerous illnesses and parasites. However, rats enjoy gardens because they give refuge and conveniently accessible food sources. We offer reliable, customised rat removal services to residential and commercial clients in and around Sydney.

The brown rat is the only species likely to be found in your garden (Rattus norvegicus). There are several kinds of mice and voles in Australia, and very few of them can find food and shelter in gardens. However, their populations are rarely sufficient to inflict significant harm.

Rat Traces In The Garden

One of the most apparent symptoms of rodents in your yard is their nesting location, typically found under rubbish, in firewood heaps, in drain pipes, or beneath/under structures. They emit a distinct odour in significant numbers, and their chewing may be fairly loud, so you may both smell and hear them. Rodents are night-time feeders; thus, if you observe them in the daytime, it is likely that they are hungry and desperate.

In your yard, rodents can inflict damage ranging from devouring vegetables and digging into the soil to nibbling on barn doors and cables. Depending on the rat species, the sorts of harm inflicted differ.

How To Prevent Rat Infestations In Your Garden

The most effective method for keeping rats away from your garden is to contact a local Pest control Sydney specialist. These professionals will locate the rats’ hiding places and employ the most effective way to safely eliminate them. There are methods for preventing rats in the garden:

  • Eliminate any potential harbourage areas around structures and sheds by sealing any minor openings that enable pest entrance.
  • Rats can squeeze through openings as small as one-half of an inch wide, whereas mice need only one-quarter of an inch.
  • Eliminate possible nesting sites by maintaining clean and organised gardens.
  • Remove wood heaps, garden trimmings, etc., and prune overgrown areas.
  • Cover all food scraps in compost piles
  • Ensure the trash can lids are closed and that you do not keep any food-containing trash bags outdoors for extended periods.
  • Do not spill bird food on the ground; instead, utilise a feeder basket or bird table.
  • Professional rat control
  • The safest action is to contact a rat control Sydney expert, who will have the proper skills and equipment to diagnose and eliminate the infestation.

Call Rat Control Sydney Professionals

Most frequently observed in gardens are the house mouse (Mus musculus), the short-tailed vole/field vole and the deer mouse (Peromyscus maniculatus). In rural locations, house mice & field voles can occasionally reach epidemic proportions during mild winters where they experience little mortality.