A Guide to Glass Smoking Pipes for Beginners

If you are a beginner and plan to buy glass smoking pipes, you are likely to be overwhelmed by the variety you have to choose from. It is better to get as much information as possible before getting your first glass pipe.

What Should You Look For?

The first things you need to look out for include the size of the bowl (how much stuff will it hold?) and what material it is made of. Most people prefer glass pipes with extended bowls, though you get pipes made of silicon, metal, and wood. Some smokers prefer pipes made of ceramic or crystal. It all depends on your willingness to spend and your essential preference for the material.

While metal pipes transmit the heat quickly, ceramic and glass are heat-resistant. Aesthetics also counts, and you need to balance everything before making your decision.

Fancy wood pipes were a rage before glass pipes took over the stage. Some wood marvels include the monkey pipe featuring a swivel mechanism. You swivel open the compact wood case to find the bowl inside where you load the tobacco or herb. The swivel arm has a mouthpiece recessed within, making it compact and easy to carry around.

Why Should You Go For A Glass Pipe?

Most people have discarded their wood and corncob pipes and have gone for glass pipes. Glass is the preferred material because it has the ability to keep the natural flavor intact, giving smokers a unique experience each time they smoke. Also, it does not pollute the smoke in any way, nor does it affect the herb’s potency.

Why are Bongs an all-time Favorite?

Bongs feature a water chamber like a hookah and have a glass neck and down stem ending in a bowl to hold the herb. Upon lighting up, the herbs are vaporized and pass through the water through the down stem and filtered to allow pure smoke. The water also helps cool the smoke without affecting its potential, and smokers experience a pure, flavorful hit after each inhalation.

Bongs are preferred as they help cool the dry heat cannabis produces, making it uncomfortable to inhale. Bongs help filter the smoke, remove impurities, and remove the harshness, making the smoke smooth and tasty. Also, bongs can hold more tobacco or weed and facilitate longer sessions for small groups.

Other Glass Pipes

The other glass smoking pipes include chillums, Sherlock pipes, spoon pipes, and steamrollers. Chillums are straight tubes with a broader end to deposit the herb. They can hold a small quantity of herb and are suitable for small hits at one go.

Sherlock pipes owe their name to the fictional Sherlock Holmes and feature large bowls holding more herb at one shot. Steamrollers are called so because they carry a punch and are not easy to use. Bubblers and spoon pipes are more common smoking pipes as they are easy to use.

Summing it Up

If you are a beginner, you may want to experiment a bit before deciding which type of smoking pipe suits you best. While the basic concept is the same, each type has its unique points.