6 Crazy Gift Ideas for Grown-Up Cannabis Enthusiasts

The recent legalization of cannabis in New York state has filled the cannabis enthusiasts community with joy. With many new businesses coming up with innovative ideas to cater the marijuana lovers, the cannabis industry experienced a great uptick.

With so many options ready at your disposal, you don’t have to worry about what to gift your friend. From a subscription smoke box to cool gadgets, you can choose from a plethora of options. Here are six crazy gift ideas for cannabis connoisseurs.  Let’s take a look at them.

1. UV Sunglasses

It may sound boring, but sunglasses are a great gift option. They protect your eyes from harsh sunlight, wind, dust, and even harmful UV rays. UV rays not only harm your eyes but affect your vision in sunlight too. Depending on your friend’s face shape and style preference, you choose different sunglasses such as aviators, wayfarers, clubmasters, etc. Sunglasses are also a great fashion accessory that goes with any of your outfits. On top of all this, they are a great option to hide those red eyes.

2. Premium grinder

The secret to a good sesh lies in evenly ground herbs. A herb grinder helps to grind the cannabis evenly and form an even size and texture. One might argue that why anyone needs a premium grinder when the normal can do the work. The typical grinders are made of plastic or cheap material which doesn’t give you a premium experience or finely ground herb. That’s why a premium grinder can be a great gift idea for someone who likes their herb evenly ground. You can also go for an artisanal grinder made with wood or other similar materials.

3. Glass Cleaner

The smoking paraphernalia gets dirty and sticky over time. The glassware sometimes also stinks due to the stored debris and ash. A premium glass cleaner can be a thoughtful gift for someone who uses bongs, pipes, or shooters. It easily cleans the glass by removing all the gunk, stains, and smell.

4. Subscription box

A subscription smoke box can be an excellent gift for a marijuana enthusiast. A smoke box is an assorted subscription to the various helpful smoking accessories such as rolling papers, tips, pipe, bong, shooters, and many other things. Subscription smoke boxes ensure that you never run out of any supplies. The box gets delivered to your place with discreet packaging to ensure no one knows what’s inside.

5. Stash can

Whether legalized in your state or not, it’s always good to keep your stash hidden and out of plain sight. A stash can is a metal container disguised as a soft drink metal can, so no one can suspect what’s inside it. It can be a fantastic gift for your friend.

6. A giant bean bag

Bean bags are very comfortable and suitable to chill and relax. They are also good for playing video games. If you still haven’t decided what gift to choose, you can get a giant bean bag as a gift.

These are some of the best gift ideas for marijuana enthusiast friends. Make sure you put a little thought behind it before you buy any gift.