Zlata ognevich struck a spectacular way: “luxurious”

Злата Огневич поразила эффектным образом: «роскошная»

Singer Zlata ognevich has fascinated subscribers with an unusual frame

Ukrainian singer Zlata Ognevich often publishes photos in stylish outfits that successfully emphasize her slender figure. One of the last frames, which have fascinated fans Ognevich published this week. In the photo the star posing in elegant dress robe green.

Злата Огневич поразила эффектным образом: «роскошная»

The highlight of the outfit was a very deep neckline. Also added pizzazz to the frame and a spicy split front dresses, which opened the slender legs actress.

The very location for the photo is quite unusual – the bare wall and floor, and Desk with various objects. The photographer captured Ognevich in that moment, when she sat down on the table and crossed her curvy legs.

Sign frame, the artist decided lines of his own songs:

“Ti seemed scho Kohat shalt

I divisa in Ochi so saw,

Hvili happiness lilisa sonoc,

I Dolan Stickam nine-strong…

Ale wone not those scho pid sun,

Ale wone not those scho have sliwak,

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Hi, I am not crying! Close…

Moï close now is my Strength”.

In response to the post Zlata subscribers left many warm reviews. Fans admired the beauty and sexuality of the singer, and the photo itself is compared with the picture.

“Gold, you’re incredible”, “Duzhe Garni “Zlata, VI Yak always Charivna”, “something”, “beautiful stranger”, “Luxurious”, “Duzhe Garni location… the I Tobi licit green Yak..always..”, “Krasunya!!!”, “Very stylish!”, “Chic and nice mmm”, “Your picture can be compared with the picture, a true masterpiece”, “Showers sex”.

Злата Огневич поразила эффектным образом: «роскошная»

Earlier it was reported that Zlata ognevich shocked fans with a Frank statement that treats depression alcohol. In particular, it became known from the release of the “Swfsc life”. In this TV presenter Katya Osadchaya spoke with the 33-year-old Ognevich on a variety of topics.

In a candid conversation, the singer admitted that at times it is depressed. However, in her refrigerator there’s always a way to improve mood — alcohol.

Recall Zlata Ognevich made a Frank admission: “I Woke up with bruises and…”

It was also reported that Liliya Rebrik showed how starts her morning: “envy each”.

Even Politeka wrote that the popular Ukrainian beauty is a leading showed juicy forms.