Zlata ognevich defied the Les nikitiuk

Злата Огневич бросила вызов Лесе Никитюк

Today as part of #танціззіркамиchallenge, relay participants in the new season of the project “Dances with stars z”, we learned the name of another star, which will be released on the famous parquet on 26 August on the TV channel “1+1”. Singer Zlata ognevich on his page in the social network has published a video in which took #танціззіркамиchallenge, agreeing to become a member of the project, and also challenged the TV presenter Les nikitiuk.

Will call Lesya Nikityuk, and who of professional dancers will take to the parquet Zlata ognevich, learn in a short time.

We will remind, participants of the new season have become Irakli Makatsaria, Masha Efrosinina, Denis Berinchik, Anita Lutsenko, Igor Lastochkin, Thank Kaminska, Pavel Vishnyakov, Michelle Andradе and Nikolay Tishchenko.


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