Zibrov get married in a luxury restaurant: “I’m afraid of what she’ll say,”

Зибров сыграет свадьбу в элитном ресторане: "Я боюсь того, что она ответит"

Ukrainian singer Pavlo Zibrov decided the third time to go under the crown

This he said in the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”.

Beloved Folk artist became his lawful wife Marina so the lovers decided to celebrate the 25th anniversary in marriage. But boring gatherings of them either than the singer decided to play a big wedding right in the birthday of Marina – her
it will be 60 years.

“Preparing for this wedding. By the way, our daughter will conduct the ceremony. So, getting ready with her. And he, Yes, makes money!”, – said Marina Zibrova.

Зибров сыграет свадьбу в элитном ресторане: "Я боюсь того, что она ответит"

22-year-old Diana is already preparing a program for parents important events. The event will take place on 25 August in a luxury restaurant in Koncha Zaspa.

Wedding dress the bride chose from the Italian manufacturer. But with buddies yet determined.

According to her, the boyfriend must be one that has already lived with her husband for over 25 years.

“Rybchinskyi, our godfathers, recently celebrated their Golden wedding. It would be very nice if Sasha Ribchinsky agreed to be my maid of honor,” shared Marina Zibrova.

He Zibrov worried that the same answer he Marina to the words: “do You agree to marry me?”.

“I’m afraid of what she will answer,” the singer admitted.

Зибров сыграет свадьбу в элитном ресторане: "Я боюсь того, что она ответит"

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In recent years, many stars of Ukrainian show business as a joke or in all seriousness said that going into politics. Zibrov believes that they make mistakes.

“I look at my colleagues and I feel sorry for them, to be honest. God gave you to sing, to draw, to write songs, poems, and you are going to do their own work, ” protested the artist.

The singer admitted that he has no plans to go into politics and prefers to be creative. Thus, according to Zibrov, what political force for 18 years was trying to “recruit” him into their ranks.

“Political power for 18 years asked me to be with her. I said, “Thank you, I will support you, but I’m going to do my favorite thing,” — said the singer.

We will remind, Zibrov wife stint in sex-boutique.

As reported Politeka, Zibrov revealed the truth about “Dancing with the stars.”

Also Politeka wrote that Zibrov has told about problems in the family.