Zelensky’s going to Truskavets, “servants of the people” waiting for a new test: details

Зеленский срочно едет в Трускавец, "слуг народа" ждет новое испытание: подробности

On Saturday, August 3, President Vladimir Zelensky will come to Truskavets, where elected deputies of the members of the “servant of the people” undergo intensive training

This was reported by the interlocutors in the Lviv regional state administration and the party the servant of the people, transfer Ukrainian news.

During the visit, scheduled only holding the President of the meeting in Truskavets.

In turn, the interlocutors in the party the servant of the people confirmed that after the official program Zelensky plans to visit the training of the newly elected deputies, which ends this weekend (August 3-4).

Зеленский срочно едет в Трускавец, "слуг народа" ждет новое испытание: подробности

In the Internet appeared the video of Truskavets, where future MPs pass a seven-day training course. It was originally published on Facebook by one of the candidates Alexander Maikowski. Soon the video was removed but prudent users managed to copy it and reposted in social networks.

As you can see in the video, one of the teachers asked future members of the Verkhovna Rada to hop on one foot. And dozens of newly minted politicians started synchronously to perform the exercise.

“Now imagine that you are doing this all my life. If difficult, you can help yourself,” said the coach, “Servants of the people”.

Зеленский срочно едет в Трускавец, "слуг народа" ждет новое испытание: подробности

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“Well, Harvard is very intensive. Images of a deer, jumping on one leg — servants of the people according to the program of kindergarten should start?”; “Who does not jump, he Moskal”; “as I understand it, if Russia goes on the offensive, or grab a couple more of our ships, and will have to react urgently to take decisions, this is one of the options?”; “Test of ability to influence”; “Hm, this is very useful when making laws. In General, the best course would be taught to do the splits”; “Who does not jump that parkalot. They are taught how to vote in Parliament”; “We wrote, we wrote our fingers tired! Now we will rest and again start writing. Well, screwed!!!”.

Recall “the Servants of the people” put in place in Truskavets, a recording leaked to the network: “You are all one”.

As reported Politeka, the candidate from “public Servants” are told what is taught in school deputies: “every day the situation changes”.

Also Politeka wrote that “public Servants” showed how the training in Truskavets: selfies with the stars and video-“homework”.