Zelensky will save Ukrainians, the penalties will cancel: for what will not pay

Зеленский спасет украинцев, штрафы отменят: за что не будем платить

It became known what to expect owners EuroBLECH after the Verkhovna Rada will consider the corresponding bill

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The MPs have not decided what to do with customs clearance EuroBLECH, therefore, the consideration of the law was postponed, however, will be delayed and penalties for car owners on avtonomera. The bill, introduced to Parliament by President Vladimir Zelensky, the new Rada will consider only today, September 12 – two weeks after beginning work

Зеленский спасет украинцев, штрафы отменят: за что не будем платить

The document says that the grace period for customs clearance will not be extended, but draconian penalties Ukrainians will be able to avoid in the case of approval of the bill. President Vladimir Zelensky offers to postpone the introduction of sanctions for another 60 days.

But bound servants of the people not to the voting deadline and the date of the law, the rules of which want to postpone. Given that it was published in the official press November 24, 2018, and entered into force the next day, start date, sanctions will be November 20, 2019. Of course, subject to the successful vote in Parliament.

It is also worth noting that the period of deferral of the draconian fines will begin only after Zelensky will sign this bill, then it will publish in the official press. It will take a little more time and in fact, Ukrainians will go to EuroBLECH without sanctions about two months.

Зеленский спасет украинцев, штрафы отменят: за что не будем платить

Previously, we reported that the Ukrainians began to prescribe draconian penalties for EuroBLECH. This was announced by the leader of the “eurobserv” Oleg Yaroshevich.

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“The first day of entry into force of the law went smoothly, but still, as warned, there were werewolves in uniform, who exceeded authority and was fined in the amount of 8.5 thousand UAH”, — stated in the message.

As it turned out, the man was not a member of the “Autoerosale”, and law enforcement officers were accused of cheating because of the words that the owner of EuroBLECH “needs to prove that he is not guilty.”

At the moment the man turned to lawyers, who will undertake the consultation and its protection in court.

We will remind, it became known how much the oligarchs owed to the budget of Ukraine.

We also reported that drivers pressed the new fines.

Even politeka wrote, it became known how much EuroBLECH brought money to the budget.