“Zelensky will be furious”: the parade of the Independence Day will be held in Kyiv, appeared on the schedule

«Зеленский будет в ярости»: парад ко Дню Независимости пройдет в Киеве, появилось расписание

In the Internet appeared the schedule of the parade of defenders of Ukraine in Kiev, which will be held on Independence Day

This year Vladimir Zelensky decided to abandon the military parade on Independence Day, replacing it with other festive events. However, many did not appreciate the initiative of the President, considering the parade of defenders of the country necessary in today’s environment.

As a result, the activists decided to hold their own parade without the involvement of public funds. His schedule appeared in Facebook on the page “Turn alive”. The March will be held on August 24 and will not be affiliated with any political forces, as any party symbols or attempts at political campaigning will be banned.

The collection of columns will begin August 24 at 10:00 in the Park. Shevchenko. The official start of the March — 11:00.

«Зеленский будет в ярости»: парад ко Дню Независимости пройдет в Киеве, появилось расписание

Participants will March along the following route: Park im. Shevchenko — Department Store “TSUM” — Independence square.

“Near the Department store will be leveled down, on independence March participants will perform the national anthem of Ukraine, after which together with the audience will rise to the “Wall of memory” to carry out inter-religious prayer for the dead”, — says the publication.

Viewers can watch the parade along the entire route or to go directly for veterans.

«Зеленский будет в ярости»: парад ко Дню Независимости пройдет в Киеве, появилось расписание

Earlier we wrote that the Day of independence of Ukraine this year will be held in the new format.

This was stated by the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Bogdan during his press conference.

In Kiev, August 24, instead of the traditional military parade will be held “March of dignity” by the military, the civil occupations, as well as Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

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After that, the guarantor will deliver remarks and will be a big concert.

“Instead of the traditional parade in the Soviet tradition with an expensive demonstration of military equipment on main street of the capital will be held “March of dignity”,” said Bogdan.

In addition, the course will involve different types of troops, which join veterans of the ATO. Together with the military, in the course participate doctors, educators, athletes, diplomats and volunteers.

We will remind, the military withdrew from Zelensky himself, there was a powerful appeal.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky is preparing a special decree: “an important event for the country.”

Also Politeka wrote, in Kiev celebrate independence Day: the disclosed program.