Zelensky went to the front in day of the defender and struck the statement: “people Have two ways”

Зеленский отправился на передовую в День защитника и поразил заявлением: "У народа два пути"

On the occasion of the Day of defender of Ukraine, President Vladimir Zelensky arrived at the Donbass

Photos and video of his speech and a meeting with the military published in the press-service OP.

He in his speech called the annexation of Crimea and the war in the Donbass shock therapy for Ukraine.

Zelensky said that Ukraine was not ready for war, and the Ukrainians “were convinced that it won’t affect us”.

Зеленский отправился на передовую в День защитника и поразил заявлением: "У народа два пути"

“There was a time when across the country we lived is very safe. We heard the news about the armed conflicts in the world and were convinced that it won’t affect us,” said the President.

The head of state believes that after all the events, the Ukrainians have chosen the path of being “born a second time, to rise on feet”.

“To lose part of its territory and lose thousands of Ukrainians, annexed Crimea and the beginning of the war in the Donbass — it was all a shock therapy like 2 thousand volt propustili the body of our native Ukraine. Such shocks are crucial, moments of truth. The people have only two options: surrender or be born a second time, to get to his feet. We chose this (second — ed.) way. We are Ukrainians — a free and enduring”, he said.

“The only thing today is to tell the President and every Ukrainian is just a thank you! For your courage and valor. For the character, spirit, and willpower. For a peaceful sleep in the Ukrainian cities and villages. For that hold the sky, ” summed up Zelensky at the meeting.

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