Zelensky went through tough business Poroshenko: “How did you become a tycoon?”

Зеленский жестко прошелся по бизнесу Порошенко: «Как вы стали олигархом?»

Vladimir Zelensky reminded Poroshenko about his business and how the incumbent became an oligarch

During a debate at the NSC “Olympic” Poroshenko once again raised the issue of the relationship of his opponent with the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

Answering his question, Zelensky said:

“All who violates the law, whoever it was, Svinarchuk, Gladkovsky, Kolomoisky, sit down. But it will not happen in two weeks, that’s not a promise, this is a serious matter, the case of the Ukrainian court… Sit down, when you break the law.”

The presidential candidate also recalled Poroshenko about his own business.

Зеленский жестко прошелся по бизнесу Порошенко: «Как вы стали олигархом?»

“You said I partner Kolomoisky… we so happened that all channels belong to the oligarchs. It Kolomoisky, Pinchuk, Firtash, Akhmetov… about Kolomoisky and business: I have a contract with 1+1. Block 95 is my business. And you privatize the factory. Marx did it with the factory Roshen…. Like that time you became a billionaire?”, asked Zelensky.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Vladimir Zelensky made his speech in the beginning of the debate at the NSC “Olympic”

Both presidential candidates received 5 minutes presentation at the beginning of the debate, which started at 19:00 at the stadium “Olympic”. First on the stage were Vladimir Zelensky.

“We did the stadium…I Feel like the chorus a little,” welcomed the audience to the candidate.

Зеленский жестко прошелся по бизнесу Порошенко: «Как вы стали олигархом?»

He drew attention to the fact that they could not imagine that will ever be on this stage.

Zelensky had admitted that in the last election was one of those who voted for Poroshenko.

“I was behind Poroshenko, but I was wrong, we were wrong. Could I imagine that his “life” would mean “survive”?”, — asked the candidate.

He reminded his opponent about its main error in the presidential chair.

We will remind, friends Zelensky of “95 Quarter” came to Olympic.

As reported Politeka, Poroshenko jumped on stage Zelensky at the debate.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky powerfully put Poroshenko on a place at the debate.