Zelensky was lit with the beauty-brunette: a striking coincidence, “what about Elena?”

Зеленский засветился с красоткой-брюнеткой: поразительное совпадение, «а как же Елена?»

Vladimir Zelensky showed a new photo from a trip to Canada, which depicted a girl

The picture appeared on the official profile of the President in Instagram.

Photo Zelensky smiling with a girl from the Ukrainian police. It is clear that the name of a canadian COP is very similar to the name of the President of Ukraine. On the shirt of the girl is indicated in green.

As you know, Vladimir Zelensky recently departed on an official visit to Toronto, where he vstretilsya with the Minister of foreign Affairs of Canada Christ Freeland and the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau.

Зеленский засветился с красоткой-брюнеткой: поразительное совпадение, «а как же Елена?»

As previously reported, the spouse of President Vladimir Zelensky, Helen, was recognized as the best first lady.

Ukrainian blogger Michael Schneider drew attention to the scandal around the clothes, which the wife wore a guarantor in Canada. On his page on Facebook he compared all the first lady showed obvious advantages in Helena.

The position of the President puts a heavy imprint on the destiny of man. In particular, people pay much attention to presidential wives, who often accompany their pious in business trips and official receptions. One such was the occasion for scandal. In social networks actively discussing the visit of President Vladimir Zelensky and his wife Elena in Canada.

So the first lady of Ukraine was accused of violating the dress code, according to the regulations which, in any case not to appear at business meetings in open shoes. The first lady appeared on a canadian airport in a classic black jumpsuit and sandals. To many, this choice seemed unacceptable. However, they are reminded of consistently elegant style Marina Poroshenko, the wife of the fifth President.

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However, Michael Schneider with this assessment is not agreed. He supported Elena Zelensky and besieged by critics, inviting you to visually compare the first lady in the history of Ukraine.

Зеленский засветился с красоткой-брюнеткой: поразительное совпадение, «а как же Елена?»

We will remind, Elena Zelensky stunned appearance: the top of the most provocative outfits, “from shoes to brands.”

As reported Politeka, Nesterova emotions Elena Zelensky gave “sweet” slap in the face to the husband, unexpected photo.

Also Politeka wrote that Elena Zelensky in mourning attire are unable to restrain emotions: there are photos.