Zelensky was caught in a trap: surfaced threat inside story “formula Steinmeier”

Зеленский попал в ловушку: всплыла опасная подноготная «формулы Штайнмайера»

Vladimir Zelensky succumbed to pressure from Germany and France and supported the intuitive rejection of the surrender, expressed in a very lively discussion around the “formula Steinmeier”

According to the reporter of the Swiss newspaper Le Temps, Stefan Siochana, the President of Ukraine was caught in his own trap.

Assessing the situation in Ukraine, elections and public opinion research, the journalist came to the conclusion that Ukrainian society expresses a strong desire for peace and a fresh start. But not at any price, as it began to declare Zelensky.

Зеленский попал в ловушку: всплыла опасная подноготная «формулы Штайнмайера»

“Many reject such a solution to the conflict that would be similar to the military, political and moral defeat, or whatever, the victory of Russia. In recent weeks there was a movement called “No surrender!”, which affects all of society — from liberal intellectuals to nationalists,” said Sioban.

Зеленский попал в ловушку: всплыла опасная подноготная «формулы Штайнмайера»

Spectacular battle of Carnations — Beterbiev shocked by the denouement: the belt is lost, the first defeat in career

He writes that Zelensky, under the pressure from Western partners, supported the intuitive rejection of the surrender and, in fact, approved the “formula Steinmeier” 1 Oct. But the time is wrong: the Ukrainians know all… through the Russian media, which showed its satisfaction with the deal.

It is noted that this further increased tensions and gave rise to suspicions of citizens that the President is not protecting their interests.

“25% of voters who did not vote for Zelensky, tear and the sword: the President is ready to hold elections, while Donetsk and Lugansk are still under the control of Pro-Russian mercenaries and Russian directly. The devil is in the details: what, then, are the conditions of the local elections, how and who will provide security?” — he described the publication of thoughts of citizens of Ukraine, researcher from Institute Chatham House orysia lutsevych.

For his part, the journalist of Le Temps stressed that in the end, Ukrainians are confused: some support “formula”, others completely against, but, more importantly, most already do not understand it. In this case, and Zelensky, and his Office to such cries of indignation just put it in reverse.

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Зеленский попал в ловушку: всплыла опасная подноготная «формулы Штайнмайера»

“Meanwhile, Ukrainian politicians continue to argue about the dangers of “the joint pressure of Russia and the West in Zelensky, who have invested much in their rhetoric of peace.” And the adoption of “formula Steinmeier” has become the key to his first meeting with Vladimir Putin during the summit, which, according to the Franco-German Ministerial source, could still take place in Paris, presumably on November 11,” — sums up edition.

We will remind, Russia pulled to the border with Ukraine record amount of military equipment.

As reported Politeka, fighters brutalized, APU large losses.

Also Politeka wrote that the Russian tank came into battle with us what happened, fight footage.