Zelensky, urgently appealed to the militants in the Donbas and delivered an ultimatum: “I give…”

Зеленский срочно обратился к боевикам на Донбассе и поставил ультиматум: «Готов дать…»

Vladimir Zelensky fighters put a strict condition to perform which gave them eight to ten days

The President demanded from the Donbass to solve the issue of the dismantling of the bridge in the Village of Lugansk, says Hyser.

Supreme commander of the Armed forces of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that he is ready to give members of illegal armed formations of Donbass to eight days in order to begin to build a bridge in Stanitsa Luganskaya.

He also stressed that in a month this building must be ready for operation.

The President of Ukraine said during the 21st summit “Ukraine – EU”.

Зеленский срочно обратился к боевикам на Донбассе и поставил ультиматум: «Готов дать…»

In particular, the Ukrainian leader said: “on the other side we don’t need anything. We are ready to build, we have money in the budget, and we have proposals from our Western partners. However, this bridge was built, it is necessary that the party dismantled the concrete fortifications. They said that can do it for eight, maximum ten days.”

In addition Vladimir Zelensky said that the Ukrainian side fully ready for rapid dismantling. According to him, in just a few days everything will be ready, but this should be done in parallel.

Recall that after a conversation with Zelensky Putin convened an emergency security Council.

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The head of the Kremlin discussed with Council members the problems of Russian-Ukrainian relations. The conversation was partly touched upon bilateral telephone dialogue Zelensky and Vladimir Putin.

What issues have been discussed by the security Council of Russia is not known exactly, but the topic of discussion was a conversation with Zelensky. This was told Putin’s representative Dmitry Peskov.

Along with topical issues on the domestic agenda of the meeting touched upon some aspects of Russian-Ukrainian relations, including the subject telephone conversation between presidents Putin and Zelensky,
– said Peskov.

Зеленский срочно обратился к боевикам на Донбассе и поставил ультиматум: «Готов дать…»

In the meeting, in particular, was attended by the speakers of both chambers of the Russian Parliament Valentina Matvienko, Vyacheslav Volodin, the head of the Kremlin administration Anton vine, security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev, FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov.