Zelensky took control of the billionaire Yuri Kosyuk: “let’s check”

Зеленский серьезно взялся за миллиардера Юрия Косюка: «А давайте проверим»

President Vladimir Zelensky decided to seriously take up the head of one of the largest agricultural holdings of Ukraine Yuriy Kosyuk

Zelensky offers to check and compare the amount of budgetary subsidies received by the agricultural holding “MHP”, and paid a shareholder dividend.

The President said at a meeting of the National Council for anti-corruption policy, says EA.

“In 2017-2018, one of the largest agricultural holdings of Ukraine “Mironovsky Khleboprodukt” the budget has been allocated nearly 2.5 billion UAH of subsidies, as it’s called. In fact, it does not need government support, because he has profits and he annually pays huge dividends to its shareholders”, — said Zelensky.

Зеленский серьезно взялся за миллиардера Юрия Косюка: «А давайте проверим»

He urged law enforcement agencies to conduct an audit.

“I would like to ask our law enforcement to anti-corruption bodies — and let’s check if we have such information, the amount of this budgetary aid and the amount of the dividends, and compare — and the same amount will get. Very interesting statistics,” said he.

Recall that in 2018, the company associated with Kosyuk, has received nearly 970 million UAH of subsidies, and in 2017 — 1.4 billion UAH.

Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP), the largest poultry producer in Ukraine. According to estimates by the company, it holds a 55% share of the Ukrainian poultry market. On the Ukrainian market, MHP represented the trademarks “Nasha Ryaba”, “Legko”, “Baschinsky”, “foie Gras” and others.

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Kosyuk through WTI Trading Limited owns 66% of shares of MHP.

Yuriy Kosyuk is one of the richest people of Ukraine according to the rating “TOP 100” edition of “New time”. According to “Radio Liberty”, the greatest amount of state aid for farmers in 2018, which is about 970 million UAH, received company related to Yuri Kosyuk. A quarter of all last year’s Agropolis, which generally amounted to about 4 billion hryvnia, according to the agriculture Ministry.

Зеленский серьезно взялся за миллиардера Юрия Косюка: «А давайте проверим»

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