Zelensky took a fateful decision after the scandal, the national security Council: who will replace danyluk

Зеленский принял судьбоносное решение после скандала в СНБО: кто заменит Данилюка

Vladimir Zelensky was appointed the new Secretary of the NSDC after the sudden dismissal of Alex danyluk

The national security Council and defense of Ukraine … over Alexei Danilov. As reported Politeka, this is stated in the presidential decree.

The document says: “to appoint Danilov Alexei Myacheslavovich Secretary of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine”.

Danilov has held the position of Deputy danyluk, who last week unexpectedly decided to leave the post of the NSDC Secretary.

It is known that Daniel is the Deputy Director of the European Institute of integration and development. From 1994 to 1997, he held a post of the mayor of Lugansk, and in 2005 headed the Luhansk regional state administration. Earlier Danilov passed to the Verkhovna Rada of the V convocation from the party “Batkivshchyna”.

Зеленский принял судьбоносное решение после скандала в СНБО: кто заменит Данилюка

We will remind, earlier Alexander danyluk for the first time revealed the reason for his dismissal from the post of the NSDC Secretary.

The official said that the resignation was his own idea. The reason danyluk called the unwillingness to participate in “undercover games some of the characters”.

“It was a conscious decision based on what’s going on and how policy is formed. I’m just not interesting undercover game, which involved some of the characters,” said former Secretary of the NSDC.

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Danyluk also outspoken about his disagreement with President Vladimir Zelensky. So, according to the official, he has suggested the head of state a few solutions to the situation, but they failed to reach a compromise.

“Although the relationship we have remained constructive. I do not exclude that will help him to advise. Still, I supported him from the very beginning of the campaign, so I wish him success”, — said danyluk.

Зеленский принял судьбоносное решение после скандала в СНБО: кто заменит Данилюка

As previously reported, Alexander Danilyuk decided to resign as Secretary of the NSDC after Vladimir Zelensky personally expelled him from the Ukrainian delegation to the United States. This is reported by journalists with reference to its sources.

In particular, the publication has learned that the President personally struck danyluk from members of the official Ukrainian delegation to travel to USA. It is assumed that it was for the Secretary of the NSDC “the last straw”.

Recall, a new scandal rattles around the resignation danyluk: “the Servant of the people” gave details.

As reported Politeka, surfaced an unexpected truth about the resignation of danyluk.

Also Politeka wrote that the resignation danyluk cluttered with disturbing details, the official statement.