Zelensky thoroughly undertook eurobserv: “draconian penalties since August…”

Зеленский основательно взялся за евробляхеров: "драконовские штрафы уже с августа..."

It became known as President Vladimir Zelensky can finally solve the problem with Evropskoj in Ukraine

In particular, the President Vladimir Zelensky supported the initiative, to completely reform the system of customs clearance of cars, lower prices for brokerage services and more.

Similar issues with activists, “Autoerosale” discussed the leader of the “Servants of the people” Dmitry Razumkov, writes Know.

Зеленский основательно взялся за евробляхеров: "драконовские штрафы уже с августа..."

“Indeed, there is a problem. And with the so-called everblame, and the custom, which still, even after the introduction of the new law, before we continued the grace period, we have increased the prices of the brokers and the like. Here it is necessary to translate all the automation system and to prescribe the law so that the real people had the opportunity to buy a normal car for a normal price”, — says Dmitry Razumkov.

During the meeting, the activists asked many questions to the representatives of the President’s team. In particular, there was discussion of the rates of customs clearance fees brokerage services and draconian penalties for uncleared cars.

Activists noted that while communication does Razumkov they received answers to the following important issues: the customs clearance is not available — rates are too low; need to automate customs clearance to clear the inflated prices of brokers and possible manifestations of corruption; ze! The command connects to the search of ways to solve the problem with draconian penalties which will come into force from August 22, 2019.

Зеленский основательно взялся за евробляхеров: "драконовские штрафы уже с августа..."

On the eve of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has considered and approved the documents establishing the order of application of Armed forces and other components of the defence forces. About it reports a press-service of Administration of the President.

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These documents define the strategic goals, objectives, the composition of the Armed forces, other components of the defence force that is involved in the defense of the state, their need for manpower, weapons and military equipment, logistical means, financial and other resources needed to complete tasks.

Recall that Zelensky was stunned by a sudden appeal to Putin.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky conducted a large reshuffle.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky intervened in the investigation of a great tragedy, ordered.