Zelensky suddenly turned to Poroshenko: “I beg you, turn the key”

Зеленский неожиданно обратился к Порошенко: «Я вас прошу, сдайте ключ»

Vladimir Zelensky addressed the Ukrainian deputies calling for the stop to tighten up the date of his inauguration

A video message from the newly elected President was posted on Friday, may 10, on the YouTube channel of his team.

In a new video Zelensky urged MPs to remember the words of their oath in which they promise to work in the interests of all citizens of the country.

“Yet you are acting exclusively in their own interests: fear of the dissolution of the Parliament and delay appointment of date of inauguration. And while you are shaking for their mandates, the former President Poroshenko is doing irreparable,” — said the winner of the presidential election.

He said that we are talking about perestanovkakh in the higher command of the army, the appointment of a new head of the national Council on television and radio broadcasting, the appointment of judges of the Supreme court, the distribution of ranks of generals and Heroes of Ukraine.

Зеленский неожиданно обратился к Порошенко: «Я вас прошу, сдайте ключ»

On the background of these actions Zelensky compared Poroshenko tourists in Egyptian hotels, which is the last day of vacation trying to “pull” more.

“I beg you: take a key, pay for the Minibar and forth. You still have customs and passport control take place”, — Zelensky addressed to Poroshenko.

He also stressed that Parliament must set a date for the inauguration on the 19th of may already at the next meeting. According to Zelensky, that’s what the people of Ukraine.

“Think, please, not the Deputy. K. a Think about Ukraine. May 19. Vote,” said Zelensky.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that Vladimir Zelensky was the biggest surprise for Putin

About it in a video interview Politeka said analyst Sergei Gaidai.

According to him, the loss of Petro Poroshenko and the victory of such a candidate, as Zelensky was not even considered by the Russian authorities as something probable. In Russia believed that having such power and being the President, Poroshenko will not allow non-system of the player under any circumstances.

“Putin measures himself what he would do in such a situation. And in this situation for Putin would be impossible to even register such a candidate, as Zelensky. That is, Putin understood that he does not know anything about Ukraine.

Recall that Schuster has revealed the secret of victory over Putin Zelensky.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky was struck by the Ukrainians visit to his parents, there was a video.

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