“Zelensky” suddenly called the Centurion, disclosed details of: “Zhenya, I beg you”

«Зеленский» неожиданно позвонил Кошевому, раскрыты детали: «Жень, я тебя прошу»

New parodist Vladimir Zelensky Yury told about the Great one played his counterpart on the “Quarter-95” Eugene Kosh

Recently, a Great officially received the role of Vladimir Zelensky in the new issue of “Evening Quarter” in the air “Sedanka z 1+1”, the actor spoke about how he once managed to play a close friend Zelensky and Eugene Mishka on behalf of the President.

“It’s an interesting story about how I appeared again in the “Quarter.” I called Bald, Eugene Koshevoy, and the voice of Vladimir said, “wih, of Yurchik take the Quarter instead of me.” Jack replies, “Yeah he’s bald, why do we need another bald-headed.” I said, “Well Zhen, I ask you, please, give him a call and take.” Exactly two minutes later, I called gene and said that we should meet. Of course, I pretended and told him: “Zhenya, what I talk to you,” — said the Great.

According to him, he prepared for the meeting with Kosh and went to him.

«Зеленский» неожиданно позвонил Кошевому, раскрыты детали: «Жень, я тебя прошу»

“I dressed up, came to the meeting. The first thing I said to Baldy: “Yurchik, when you call the voice of the President, please do it from your phone” on” — says the artist.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that the new actor “Quarter 95” Yuri said Great, as I intend to imitate Vladimir Zelensky. According to the artist, he to important upcoming role was preparing for 10 years.

“He (Zelensky — ed.) is very easy to parody. …When we started to cooperate with “Quarter”, I like the feeling, I began to notice certain phrases, expressions, which he often uses. I knew that once will have to parody!”, — said the actor.

As you know, Yuri Grand, a former member of the Duo “Brothers Schumacher”. He told the publication that he was ready to imitate Vladimir Zelensky since 2009:

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«Зеленский» неожиданно позвонил Кошевому, раскрыты детали: «Жень, я тебя прошу»

“I noticed his gestures, facial expressions. So I think that going the way of the formation of this parody, now I was much easier to reproduce,” said the Great.

Recall that the 95 Quarter stunned the new parody Zelensky.

As reported Politeka, Quarter 95 first walked on Zelensky and Co.

Also Politeka wrote that the double Zelensky in “Kvartal 95” radically changed appearance.