Zelensky stunned surprise announcement about the fate of Donbass: “We have to do this”

Зеленский ошарашил неожиданным заявлением о судьбе Донбасса: «Мы обязаны это сделать»

Vladimir Zelensky said that Ukraine should restore Donbas in parallel with the end of the war

The President said during his visit to Kramatorsk, where he presented new head of Donetsk regional state administration Pavel Kirilenko.

“The question, which I will tirelessly repeat and say it’s a ceasefire… We want to do and transmit constant signals on the cease — fire,” – said the President.

He noted that he sees no point in the constant search for the perpetrators of the current situation. Zelensky believes that Kiev needs to restore the Donbass parallel with the termination of the war.

“I think in order to solve many issues related to humanitarian and social missions in the Donbass, we do not need all the time say that those to blame, blame the war. We must do it in parallel. In parallel to end the war and in parallel to thinking about our people and indeed to restore Donbass”, — stressed the President.

Зеленский ошарашил неожиданным заявлением о судьбе Донбасса: «Мы обязаны это сделать»

Zelensky also announced the holding of a large investment business forum in Mariupol for the restoration of Donbass this fall.

“There we invite investors from all countries. In Canada I paid 19 meetings, and we with the Diaspora said. In Germany, in France, met with business and explained how important it is today to invest in the Donbass, to the temporarily occupied territory of the people see that we are really changing the country”, — concluded the President.

Earlier Vladimir Zelensky has promised that Ukraine will never pay for their “naivety”, as in the case of renunciation of nuclear weapons.

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Such statement the President made during his meeting with the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau.

Зеленский ошарашил неожиданным заявлением о судьбе Донбасса: «Мы обязаны это сделать»

Zelensky assured that, contrary to stereotypes, Ukraine cares not only about their problems.

“It’s climate change, pollution of the oceans, the problems associated with human development. There is a saying “My business”. And it supposedly characterizes Ukrainians. In fact, it is a myth that has nothing to do with reality. Ukrainians are not confined to the interests of his court. We are not all equal. And during our history, we proved that in the world,” the President said.

Recall Zelensky criticized for photo with his wife in Canada.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky was surprised by the controversial decision in the Donbass.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky chooses a new Prime Minister named three candidates.