Zelensky sort of response to Putin: Ukrainians were waiting for details

Зеленский готовит убийственный ответ Путину: украинцы замерли в ожидании, детали

Vladimir Zelensky had admitted that he has something to say to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin at the first meeting

The President of Ukraine said on 13 September on the sidelines of the forum YES in response to a reporter’s question: “facing Putin, what would you tell him first?”.

According to Zelensky, he “has a lot of” what he would like to talk with Putin.

“I have a lot to say… Yes (strategy formation. — Ed.)”, — said the President.

In addition, Zelensky answered the question about what compromises Russia is willing to go to Kiev. According to him, Ukraine is not ready to make any concessions except those covered by the clauses of the Minsk agreements.

Зеленский готовит убийственный ответ Путину: украинцы замерли в ожидании, детали

“There in Minsk, everything is recorded,” — said the head of state.

Earlier, we reported that Vladimir Zelensky frankly told what will happen to the occupied Crimea.

The corresponding statement he made at the conference YES-2019.

So, speaking to the audience, the head of state Vladimir Zelensky admitted, what fate awaits Russian troops occupied the Crimea.

“The most difficult situation I think… we will have it with the return of the Crimea. We think we have several formats, a few ideas. But I can not say too early,” he said at the conference.

Vladimir Zelensky said frankly that the issue of Crimea also depends on the position of the United States continues to support Ukraine in confrontation with Russia.

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Зеленский готовит убийственный ответ Путину: украинцы замерли в ожидании, детали

“I have important meetings, including with the President of the United States. We are considering the model. We will fight to return to the Crimea, and not only words”, — he stressed.

Moreover, Vladimir Zelensky has announced a new stage of exchange of prisoners with the Russian Federation, to be held in the near future. According to him, at the moment generated lists of detained persons.

“Now we are preparing other lists and forward to the next stage of the exchange. We can negotiate in Minsk in the Normandy process,” — said the President.

Recall Zelensky wiped his nose Europe, it should be heard.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky was struck by the action and jokes on the forum YES.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky had their way, the law on denunciations received.