Zelensky sharply responded to the request for Garden of the Premiership: “Self-help is over”

Зеленский резко ответил на просьбу Садового о премьерстве: "Самопомощь закончилась"

Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovy decided to repay the winner of an electoral race Zelensky for the failed transaction in the first round

A member of the party “Samopomich” approved the draft “Law on the President,” which limits the powers of the President. Blogger Elizabeth Bogutska argues that the way Andriy Sadovy revenge Zelensky for honesty and integrity. On his page on Facebook it described the story that happened in the early spring:

“A Garden and even vengeful was. Remind everyone about his meeting with the candidate Zelensky, in my opinion, in early March. The meeting was hem in the cafe. The mayor of the city Vladimir offered support in round 1 with the corresponding statement aloud about what is removed in favor Zelensky, in response to the fact that Vladimir will nominate him as Prime Minister of the country.”

Зеленский резко ответил на просьбу Садового о премьерстве: "Самопомощь закончилась"

The author noted that the showman sharply denied his rival at the elections. According to her, Vladimir Zelensky explained: “posts he does not sell”. And also announced an end to the “era dogovornjakah” in Ukraine. Instead, the leader of the “Quarter 95” appealed to Ukrainians in social networks and learned their opinion, who is to appoint the Prime Minister, the Prosecutor General, the head of the SBU, the Ministry of foreign Affairs or other key officials.

Elizabeth Bogutska writes that after the failure of Andriy Sadovy used backup plan and immediately turned to another candidate Anatoly Gritsenko.

“Not leaving this place, the Garden offered by phone their support Gritsenko on the same terms. Fitzpatrick agreed. On the signed contract was only one item is to BE HONEST. After two weeks, the AU has announced that as Prime Minister of the country sees an excellent candidate Andriy Sadovy. I think, apparently, Andriy Sadovy, the same proposal came up to Poroshenko. And to him – to the first. And then went in a circle,” suggested blogger.

Зеленский резко ответил на просьбу Садового о премьерстве: "Самопомощь закончилась"

According to Elizabeth Bogutskaya, in the end, Andriy Sadovy “groped a sore point,” the current President of Petro Poroshenko and decided to appease him. Namely: “using a corresponding law and, through the Vice-Premier Syroid, to deprive of powers of the President Zelensky”. The author has noticed that the lions only in Ukraine did not give the most votes to Vladimir Zelensky:

“I guess little Santa a knight’s move suggested to do. If I do not come out to become Prime Minister, then at least to avenge Zelensky. In vain. Self-help is over. Along with Syroid, Berezyuk and Garden. And then to even think about. Everything in the garden!”, summed up the blogger. As proof, she cited the publication of Andrew Garden the social network.

Recall “Little Santa didn’t help”: the party Garden is falling apart, urgent statement Sobolev and Semenchenko.

As reported Politeka, the Garden was left with nothing after the election: “13 years robbed the lions, and now…”.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky trying to steal an election: “the people withdrawn under the Rada”.