Zelensky Scam uncovered Poroshenko addressed: “1.5 billion launched on…”

Зеленский раскрыл аферу Порошенко, приняты меры: "1,5 миллиарда спущены на..."

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky gave the shameful secret of his predecessor Petro Poroshenko and his team

This drew the attention of the blogger, Andrey Kapustin. On the page in Facebook commented on the decision of the head of state to cancel a military parade on independence Day.

On the eve of Vladimir Zelensky published videopamela to the Ukrainians, in which he told about changes taken to the main holiday of the country. The President’s office has decided not to make the traditional display of military equipment. And the money inherent in the organization of the event, to distribute to the military personnel who deserve them much more.

Зеленский раскрыл аферу Порошенко, приняты меры: "1,5 миллиарда спущены на..."

“I want to share with you our new idea. Typically, August 24, on Independence Day of Ukraine, we held a military parade. Pompous and not exactly cheap. It seems to me that this year instead of a parade of the best that money to allocate to our defenders and heroes. Our military. And we have decided to allocate 300 million hryvnias for the award. All of our military”, — said the guarantor. He added that the festival will take place, only in a different format.

Andrey Kapustin sure thus Vladimir Zelensky prazdnik major corruption scheme, which the previous five years secretly used Petro Poroshenko. In his opinion, the words of the new President should shame the old EA:

“Whether accidentally, or intentionally, but cancelling military parade in Kiev, Ukraine’s President told an important secret corruption. Saying that 300 000 000 (three hundred million), which the former Supreme commander of impoverished warring countries habitually painted on the “solemn” shagali-flying-promychali will go to prize military. The former adviser to ex-Supreme commander of the Eureka Biryukova, who all the past years, tasty described how the loot will evaporate in a puff of smoke from the exhaust pipes rattling of iron, should having a heart attack, stroke and worsening of hemorrhoids… of the order of 1 500 000 000 (half a billion) was put in five years into the atmosphere through the exhaust pipe.”

Зеленский раскрыл аферу Порошенко, приняты меры: "1,5 миллиарда спущены на..." Зеленский раскрыл аферу Порошенко, приняты меры: "1,5 миллиарда спущены на..."

The blogger suggested that it was 300 million, the team of Petro Poroshenko annually allocated from the budget for the parade. By simple calculations, he deduced that for the whole cadence it took 1,5 billion hryvnias. On assurances of Andrei Kapustin, part of this sum ended up in the pockets of officials. Because the previous government never called the specific cost of the parade.

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“This is not to mention the infamous “parade” of 2014… When the newly elected balawaristan embody their shovels wishlist, as in the Donbass, fire vtorglis in Ukraine, the Russian aggressors were killed Ukrainian soldiers… But all five years, despite the absurdity of what is happening, this unfinished Generalissimo orgazmirovat playing with toy soldiers… I guess Now fffse!!! Despite the fact that one does not diminish the honor, dignity and courage of the defenders of the country… Just will be a different format”, — said Kapustin Angry.

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