Zelensky saw a major environmental disaster in the country: “nothing will save”

Зеленский увидел главную экологическую катастрофу страны: "Уже ничего не спасет"

Vladimir Zelensky during the flight, saw the empty forest because of the amber mafia

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky from the helicopter showed thousands of hectares of forests of Ukraine, destroyed, “amber mafia”. The flight took place over the Zhytomyr region.

Deforestation has become one of the main topics when the President arrived in Zhitomir. It should be noted that in this region have already become a daily skirmishes and bloody battle between criminals. The latter is divided between the territory and protect “their possessions”.

It is known that Donetsk oblast is in first place for the extraction of amber, so she, along with Volyn has become a treasure trove for criminals.

Зеленский увидел главную экологическую катастрофу страны: "Уже ничего не спасет"

During the meeting, which discussed the topic, it became clear that the criminals have destroyed more than seven thousand acres of land in three areas. The territory belonged to the forest Fund and agriculture.

Vladimir Zelensky recommended that the chief Forester to retire and write statements to chiefs of national police and security service. According to the President, he knows the names and who is behind the abduction of the state’s interior.

“We will deal with that issue. I think that these people will not go far from our country,” — said the head of state.

In addition, Vladimir Zelensky demanded to dismiss the heads of regional departments of police and oblupravlenie SBU in these areas.

Зеленский увидел главную экологическую катастрофу страны: "Уже ничего не спасет"

We will remind, the political analyst Mikhail Podolyak gave advice to a guarantor how to deal with the pack rats saboteurs. According to him, the former leadership of the foreign Ministry “stuck everywhere godfathers and laymen”. Therefore the foreign Ministry has failed in all negotiations. Solution would be:

“Substantial disciplinary sanction with specific people. Disqualification of professional. White propriety. The ban on employment in government agencies”, — said the expert.

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